First time in mid west Pt I: WoF 6/24

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Left Boston on Sun. 6/23 after church. Had a 3 leg flight to Kansas City. (Boston - Nashville - St. Louis - KC). I completely forgot about the 1 hr. time change, so I was sitting in Nashville thinking it was boarding time and thinking that the plane hadn't gotten there yet and worrying about my connections and wondering why there was no announcement and no one else seemed to care. Well, sure enough about 20 minutes after "departure time" I remembered and ran over to look at a monitor and it was 5:40, not 6:40.

Got into KC fine and my friend, Emily, who lives in Lawrence picked me up.

Mon. it was off to WoF. Emily and I got there just after opening and parking lot was empty. Bought a season pass (I plan on doing a lot of other Cedar Fair parks this season) and it was off to Mamba. This park feels like a Cedar Fair park, but just doesn't have enough big rides. Friendly ops, great capacity, everything was awesome.

So Mamba was a walk on all day. Our first ride was 6-3. Great air on the first drop. I don't get what Morgan did to that drop (and why it feels so different from SF's) but I was flying out of my seat. Great second hill too, and that helix was intense. Unfortunately, someone in front of us had just been on a water ride, so we got a little shower. Hops back into the station were very nice. This ride also has incredible capacity. For some reason the ops were looking at everyone's seatbelts every time a train dispatched. Don't really know why this happened. A great ride, but doesn't really hold a candle to B&M or Intamin.

Next up was Timber Wolf. Great air all over and pretty intense laterals. A little rough, but a great woodie. My favorite at the time of riding, but soon to be overtaken (In part 3). One train op. had a 10 minute wait.

I think at this point, we went back to Mamba for a couple more laps, and took a shot from the detonator. Air time is just way too much fun.

Next up was Orient Express. Ouch is all I can say. Some of the transitions on the ride were just way off and the helix was terribly rough. The drops had some nice punch, but they were all spent worrying about the next head banger.

Skipped boomerang, because I had a plan for my 100th later in the week (see pts 2 and 3).

Most of the rest of the day was spent on Mamba. We were up to about 14 or 15 and I wasn't feeling too great, but it was getting cooler so I wasn't too bad off. My previous record for most rides in one day had been Apollo (17) and since it's my fav. I was wondering if I wanted to break that record and give it to Mamba. However, with walk-ons 2 hrs. before close, I couldn't resist. All in all 26 rides.

We closed on Timber wolf. We got rerides in the back for 2 or 3, so it was a pretty good finish to the day. All in all, 7 or 8 on TW.

We had lunch and dinner at the subway down the road. Let me tell you, never eat a BLT on a hot day when riding coasters. You'll feel it forever.

Oh, also tried dippin' dots for the first time. I actually like 'em. Especially after they get a little bit warmer and aren't hard. Mint chocolate was my poison.

Also learned that dehydration causes low blood volume which in turn causes low blood pressure which means more blacking out in Mamba's helix (emily has had some blood pressure problems in the past). I learned that lesson the hard way, and about 3/4 of the way through the day, I started gulping down water every chance I got. I peed for the rest of the day. It pretty much looked like: 2 laps on Mamba, drink, pee, repeat.

Emily had a great time too. She goes to WoF every other year or so, so nothing was new, although I don't think she was used to marathoning.

We left the park and drove up to St. Louis (O' Fallon actually) to stay with our mutual friend, George and to visit SFStL.

(see pt 2)

A rollercoaster? What's that?

Great TR! WOF seems fun!

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Last year my husband and I made it to WOF. Mamba was definitely our coaster of choice.

Funny we are all hitting the midwest this year?

Hey, I got a shower from some longhaired lady too on Mamba, Actually it felt nice as it was hot. The raft ride and Shoot the Chutes are right bellow mamba and thats where they came from.

Glad you had a great time.

Chuck, saying he will never buy another roll of film from a CF park $13.99

Charles Nungester
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Andy did you ride Thunderhawk?

Good TR by the way :)

(In cyberspace no one can hear you scream)

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Swoosh: Yeah, we rode it once. I like the program better than the only other topspin I've been on (SFNE's twister), but too bad the water wasn't on.

A rollercoaster? What's that?

Great TR! I also love Dippin' Dots:):)

-Sean Newman
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Andy -

Too bad that when you visited the park, the water sprayers were having technical difficulties. They had it up by Thursday that week. When they are on, it is impossible to get off not soaked.

(In cyberspace no one can hear you scream)

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