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We got there at about 10:30 on January 3, 2002. I was expecting it to be crowded. It was warm and sunny. Since this was my first time at another park, I compared it with SFGAm a lot. We didn't see X going so we went to Goliath first. We walked right on. It was fun but short. Not as good as i thought it would be.

Next was Colossus. Fun but not that exciting. We then went to Riddler's Revenge. Our first wait of 15 minutes. It was way smoother and more exciting than Iron Wolf.

Next was Gold Rusher. Another walk on and it was a painful ride. After that we went to Superman. Walk on, quick and fun but not as good as i thought it would be. After that we went to Viper. Less painful than Shockwave.

We ate food by Goliath, and then went straight to X. We waited an hour and a half. This was what I was waiting for. The loading took forever. But when we finnaly got on, it was so suprising. The ride was fun, short, and very painful. But I looked past that.

After that we went to Ninja. Then we went on revolution which was very uncomfortable and painful. Then Psyclone. Psyclone was the only ride I have ever been on that has made me feel UNSAFE. It seemed to me that they put breaks everywhere. The train always seemed to come off the track. I will never ride that ride again.

We ate a Mooseburger Lodge to end the day. Flashback was closed. We skipped Batman and Deja Vu since we had them at SFGAm and we didn't have enough time. I did not like SFMM that much. I realize that I go for quality, not quantity. THe rides at SFMM were too rough except for Goliath and Superman.

V2 can't be compared to any of the rides in SFGAm!The Vertical Drop was amazing!

"I realize that I go for quality, not quantity. THe rides at SFMM were too rough except for Goliath and Superman"

dont you mean quantity over quality, either way i never been to SFMM but hope to in 2005 as i make a pilgrimage to Disneyland for its 50th anniversary

X is really that rough now?

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I agree with your comments on Psyclone. It was really fun until we creasted the 2nd hills, which made me fly out of my seat and into the lap bar. I wish they would just tear it out-its unrideable!!! Screw the record, give your guests comfort!
this past week, people have been saying X is rough
I rode X two weeks ago (and several times before that) and it was crystal smooth, so I don't know what happened to X this past week

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No X isn't that rough. Not to be mean or condescending, but this person thought Gold Rusher was rough. Gold Rusher is as gentle as can be.

As usual, I am a freak that thinks Psyclone is cool. Whatever, LOL.

California Screamin- it's good!

Goldrusher is smooth, those lap bars are metal though, so its kind of painful. I must agree, revolution is very painful. I wish someone would put new trains on the track, ones with lapbars and seatbelts only (like Montezummas Revenge) wuld make the ride a million times better. These restraints make the Perilous Plunge restraints feel non existant (whoever tells you those restraints are truly painful is not telling the truth, they may be a little overkill and uncomfortable though).

X isn't that rough, but my legs were flying around wildly due to the forces of the ride. This caused leg banging, and a little pain. They should pad the leg rests, that would ease this pain. No headbanging though, just the leg stuff.

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X is not rough. X is agressive. There is a difference.

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Moosh...just like Mean Streak at CP is agressive?

(or USED to be agressive)

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I also didnt think X was rough at all. And i didnt even think Psyclone was bad. The one thing i found odd was that they gave us re-rides but they had to have a certain number of people on the ride or they waited until they had enough. I rode if 5 times in a row but once had to wait because they were 2 people short.

The re-rides i thougt were nice because they wouldnt give us re-rides on either Goliath or Riddler's Revenge.

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CP Lady - I never felt Mean Streak was agressive, nor did I feel its was overly rough. A little on the boring side, perhaps, but frankly other than the first drop the ride did little for me.

The experience on X seems to vary quite a bit from train to train, side to side, row to row, and seat to seat. Unfortunately there's no way to recommend to anyone the best place to sit to get a "smoother" less agressive ride.


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