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Monday, October 1, 2001 12:00 PM
Well, after a long(and amazing) night at the MACC event at HW, me and fellow enthusiast Corey(rOLLocOASt) awoke in the hotel room, grabbed showers, and headed off to SFKK.  Now, we were pretty much out of cash, so PKI was basically out of the question at the moment.  We ended up coming upon a bit of good fortune though, making it possible.  But first was SFKK.  I rate from 1 to 5, 1 being lowest.

The park- 2.5 This really wasn't the horrible park I was expecting.  Yes, it lacks several things, but it wasn't *that* bad.  The park also happened to be absolutely deserted this day, so maybe that swayed my opinion.  There were a few good rides which stuck out, particularly Thunder Run.

Twisted Sisters(Lola)-3 Quite a fun ride, with a very good first drop for it's size.  A few nice floats here and there, and good laterals.

Chang-3 This would've gotten a 4 possibly, had the mid-course not been on so excessively.  The first half was good, but it just crawled through the 2nd.

Thunder Run-3.5 Wow, finally a *good* Summers & Dinn!  The track had just been greased(you could still smell it), and it was flying.  Great air on the first three hills.

T2-1.5 Not much too say...not as horrible as it's made out to be, but still just plain old painful ride.  The momentum of the train in front is so unbalanced, you go from being pressed back in your seat to being thrown forward into the harness...not a pleasant experience.

Roadrunner Express-2.5 Decent wild mouse.  A little short, but fun nonetheless.

At around 2, we headed back out on the road, onto PKI. 

The park-4 Very pleasant atmosphere, and a *fantastic* entrance.  The fountains and Eiffel Tower are just perfect.  Now, unfortunately, we ended up only having 3 hours, so we only got 6 rides.

Runaway Reptar-2 This would get a one, but it has some good footchoppers, especially for someone like myself, that was over the height limit.

Flight of Fear-4 Awesome ride, with awesome themeing.  Now, I never rode with the OTSR's, but I could tell with all the jerking that was going on, that it must've been quite painful.  The mid-course brake was barely touching the train too, making for a fast and furious ending.

Vortex-2.5 The ride certainly looks great.  So many inversions, just looks like it must be fun.  But it really isn't.  It's decent, but not anything special.  The transitions seemed particularly rough for some reason.  The best parts of the ride were the first drop and corkscrews.  The batwing was pretty cool as well.

Son of Beast-4 I must be a member of the handful of people who got a smooth ride on SoB.  Now I'm not just talking kind of smooth, I mean *glass* smooth.  We sat in seat 1.2, and I could hardly believe that I just took a 200 ft. drop on a woodie, it was that smooth.  The first set of helicies was great, as was the loop.  All around awesome, powerful ride.

The Beast-4 This is one ride that I didn't want to like.  I'm all about airtime, I knew all along that it had none, so I was biased against it from the start.  But as soon as we crested the lift in the front seat, and I just knew I would like it, for some odd reason.  And I did.  I *loved* the Beast!  Air, no, but insane speed and laterals, yes!  And that double helix is just unheard of.  Corey was able to persuade the ride ops to let us go into the control room, while they took our picture.  We also ended up on the final train of the night, while pitch black out.  Insane, totally insane.  It comes in 2nd only to Legend and Raven at night.  I'm now a certifed fan of the Beast.  We also met a really cool ride op after the final ride, by the name of Brian.  I think he said his screen name here on CB is Flyer, or something along the lines of that.

So all in all, I had a great day, and I was definitely not disappointed.
-Kurtis Borowiak
"Hold on tight, with all your might, and enjoy your flight on the Raven!"

*** This post was edited by Raven_Rider on 10/1/2001. ***

*** This post was edited by Raven_Rider on 10/1/2001. ***

Monday, October 1, 2001 1:24 PM
Yes, if you ride any 2nd row on SOB its smoother. I got 1-2 and GLASS smooth. Rode in 2-1 ROUGH as a 1930 wooden. Its because you wernt riding about an axel. In any 2nd row its smoother.
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Friday, October 5, 2001 5:39 PM
I`ve riden on Son of Beast 59 times, and find that generally, the forn of the train offers a smoother ride than the rear.
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