First time at Great Escape plus SFNE again

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I parked my car Saturday afternoon after 4pm.
Free parking! I took the short walk thru the gravel lot, across the street and into the park. Lots of trees and some hills to walk up and down. Very well taken care of park. First ride was Canyon Blaster, great for the kids and family. Then Steamin' Demon. Looks great in front of the park! Looks pretty good up close too, built on a raised plot of land, but kinda on the side of a hill.

Pretty standard Arrow looper, well taken care of. I rode one of it's clones at Libertyland years ago. The Steamin' Demon used to be at Ponchartrain Beach as the Rajun Cajun. I heard a report years ago that it got rough there, due to the footers sinking in the sand. Now we know where that Magnum rumor comes from...

I went to check out Nightmare, but the kids walking out said the line was like 3 hours long. I skipped it all together, I rode this when it was Starchaser at Kentucky Kingdom.

Next was way back in the park. First I came upon the Bobsled. After finally finding the entrance, I decided that I already rode this as Rolling Thunder at Great America years ago, plus I had a feeling that the Comet was near. I was too excited about that... you can't even see the Comet until you are pretty close to it.

First ride was in the back seat. I couldn't believe how great this ride was. Probably top 5 material for me. Loved the ancient station roof supports. I've waited to ride this thing for over 20 years, it was worth it! with all the new woodies with twisted dipping style curves, nothing really beat an all out balls to the wall flat curve. And the Comet has 3 of em, each one faster than the previous...

I went back later to ride the Comet. Got a front seat ride (incredible airtime), a third seat and another back seat ride.

Anyone know what's up with the Comet's lift? It really seems like it gets faster and faster as the train nears the top~!!!!?? loved it!

I booked outta there kinda early. I was by myself, and it got freezing cold (like in the 40's). Plus it was the Oktoberfest celebration, so every single adult had a huge glass of beer, it was crazy. Not the best place for a recovering alcoholic with 10 months sober... I'll be back to ride Comet though.

Sunday, me and my aunt went to Riverside ... I mean Six Flags New England. We were riding the tram from the lot to the park and some idiot jumped off the tram. It was a big drams scene with people nearly screaming. He jumped of and rolled, it may have looked like he got ran over. It was like 'be stupid' day you could tell...

Cyclone would be great if they gave it some TLC. Every curve screeched painfully. I was at this park back in '03. Superman is great... until my little 'injury.'

Around 7pm, my and my aunt got in the last seat. All ready to go, and knowing to have my seatbelt tight and lap bar down all the way (the entire park is PARANOID to get those lap bars down as far as they can go! ... after that incident and all...). The ride 'attendant' came back and leaned in with all her weight (on a lap bar that was already very snug in my lap/crotch) and well... u guys understand.

I was pissed and in alot of pain. almost knocked the wind out of me. I kinda (in a raised voice) let her know that she just really really DID hurt me.

When the ride ended, I walked up to her and nicely told her that the did in fact really hurt me, and that her action was aggressive and maybe a little too much. She ignored me. She was probably both scared and embarassed.

So I walked out the exit... and told my aunt that we needed to go to cust. service. They told me there to first go to first aid, cuz it was an injury. So I'm pissed, in pain, and was about to spend an hour in first aid. Papers, address, home phone, ... and a rubber glove 'exam' from the EMT (he wasn't even my type hehe). The whole nine yards basically. I was really in pain.

Before we left, he had to make sure that he asked me 3 times if I wanted their ambulance to take me to the hospital. I 'refused'. So we took off (me in pain and a little cranky) to ride more rides for the remaining hour or so.

Mr. Six's pandemoneom was great. Low capacity, but great ride. Went back to ride Superman (I was scared at first!) but it was great (despite still being in pain and very 'tender').

We got off Superman for about the 5th time at about 8:55 (park was closing at 9pm) and wanted to get back over to the hang n bang (mind eraser?) for another ride. I really like those. After having been on a few of the Batman clones so many times, I love the Vekoms SLC's. We were walking thru the que, and 1/2 way to the station we were greeted by an 'attendant' who informed us the last train just went out.

hmmmm.... it was 8:58 and we were nearly at the station. I explained this to the teen, then (not wanting more drams) just turned around. I told her park policy (huh?!) and she mumbled some BS about how they had to be shutdown BY 9pm....

So we ran over to Batman - the dark night, and go on the last train there.

I won't be going back to SFNEngland anytime soon. I'm here visiting some family who just moved out here, but will go to other parks next time. But I sure will go back to ride the Comet. I could spend all day on that.

Another thing... I was checking out the gift shop on the way out... all the shirt had magic mountains coasters on them. I know this has been going on for YEARS, but it was just one last reminder of how LAME six flags is, in general.

oh.. and the Thunderbolt was great, but seems kinda neglected :( *** Edited 9/27/2005 6:11:09 AM UTC by J7G3***

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