First time at Cedar Point

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Well to get to the chase......

I first went on raptor, my first inverted coaster. Great ride the best part to me was the helix at the end.

After Raptor went to Millenium Force, stood in line for about an hour. Got the back seat and set off. After the first 120 degree banked turn I thought the best part was the hill after that, mad airtime.

Mantis. This ride was really fun but the "perch" in between my legs was very uncomfortable. The sign said stand straight up, so i did and got locked with my feet off the ground and inch dangling on my....(you know what). Alright for my first standing coaster that I have ever riden on.

After Mantis I walked on Iron Dragon, the MC for the ride was funny and just cracked the whole line up. "Tin Lizard" was an alright ride but nothing to ride twice. And I got the front seat and still thought the ride was very mild. However it was my first suspended coaster and was a nice first experience.

CORKSCREW, the worst coaster in the park!. 30 second ride time that was lame. Another front seater, If I ever go back to Cedar Point I'll just skip Corkscrew.

Now the is ride was awsome, ... MAGNUM XL-200!!! 10 minute wait and the coolest ride ever. The last set of camel backs were perfect. First Hyper Coaster I ever rid on, Off the hook.\

Went on Gemini after the Magnum. My train lost the race, but air time on this ride was just great. Good wooden coaster ride all around.

Mean Streak I'm sure it had air time or something, but the ride op. slamed my lap bar down and I couldn't get lifted off the seat. I was trapped and couldn't enjoy the ride.

Went on Magnum XL-200 again, the front seat was so cool, Awsome veiw of the whole world and having a woman scream straight into your ear. Went deaf, but the ride was umbelievable a second time.

Went on some regular rides like: Chaos, Maderhorn, Witches Wheel, Demon Drop, and Schwarjhtlkedjfodijr, some german themed ride, as well as Ocean Motion.

Then I went on the Classic Blue Streak. Good air and great ride.

Rator again, you bet. Second ride on Raptor was just so cool, I think this ride is my favorite in the park. But the night came to and when I was iin Raptor for a 3rd ride and soon as i got to the top of the stairs a huge bolt of lighting over the lake. Rides were shot down. Oh well.

Sounds like a great first trip. I'm not a genious or anything, but is Gemini really a wooden coaster? Or is it steel with a wooden structure? I've only been there twice myself.
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Gemini is wood framed, but the trains run on steel.

Sadly, broken_bones, Mean Streak isn't as fast as it used to be, and there isn't much airtime to speak of on it. Being stapled didn't matter.

I assume that Wicked Twister was down the day you were there.

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I'm goin to CP in August, hope I have as good as a day as you did.

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