First Theme Park with Fiancee!

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Went to Dorney Park yesterday (Memorial Day) with my fiancee...the first theme park we've been to together after being engaged. It's a special little moment, anyway.

The park itself (Dorney) was practically empty at first...both Hydra and Talon at 2 pm were walk-ons! We rode Hydra twice...having never ridden it before, it was a lot of fun! The jojo roll at the beginning surprised me, I didn't realize it had so much hang-time, it freaked me out in a fun way!

Talon we also didn't get a chance to 2004 when we last visited the park, it stormed before we could get to ride and it was still storming when the park closed, so we never rode Talon that time.

This time when we tried it, it was a pretty intense experience...I didn't expect all of those g-forces in the last ground-hugging helix....a very sweet ride altogether!

Then we went to the Wildwater Kingdom part of the changed, did a few tube rides (lazy river, rapids, tube slide), then relaxed on beach chairs for a few minutes, went into the wave pool for about 20 minutes, then they shut that down because the Kingdom was closing.

We went back to Dorney after that (the main part of the park) and rode an e-stop on the lift hill because some people were standing up ini the front of the train...was my fiancee's first e-stop...I had a prior one working at Sesame Place as part of training. Otherwise, the ride was fun...a little bit rough, but fun otherwise.

Laser was fast, but really rough...threw me around a lot more than the last time I rode it. I wish I hadn't eaten before Thunderhawk as well, the pretzel that I ate almost came up on me ;)

Last year we had gone to PKD on Memorial Day, this year it was Dorney...both times the crowds were lower/slower than expected, so this might start to be a tradition for us. Any day with less than crowded lines and walk-ons for the two most popular coasters at the a good day for me!

*did i misspell fiancee? i'm always confused about the spelling of that word* *** Edited 5/31/2006 12:47:30 AM UTC by BigJim4Life***

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

So was she a rider before this trip? Is she now?

Fat Chick in a tutu being fed by a midget.

No we've both been riders since before the trip. We recently got engaged, which is why I said this was the first theme park since we've been engaged.

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

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