First Orlando Trip alone!

Friday, April 28, 2006 2:56 AM
Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening my fellow coasterbuuz members. I am planning a trip with a few friends to Orlando, FL. The Age group is between 18 - 21. We are going from June 15th until June 20th to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures for sure but we want to do more parks then this. Between Sea World, Busch Gardens, and the Disney Parks, I'm not too sure on where to go based on attractions, pricing, driving distance( staying in Orlando), crowds. I'm the one in the group who's really into the Theme Park/Amusment Park business compared to them so I have to make sure they have soome fun. Can you guys help me out? Thanks for the time! *** Edited 4/28/2006 6:59:10 AM UTC by Starintraining***
Friday, April 28, 2006 9:22 AM
Well, if you are in Orlando and with a bunch of people who arent hard core into amusmement parks, and who have never been before you guys need to go to the Disney parks because they are so iconic. If you can, buy a multiday pass (they get cheaper per day the more days you buy) and stay at those four parks.

Be sure to hit the MK one day (not a Monday or Friday if you can help it) and be sure to stay for the Wishes firework show and Spectromagic parade at night. After MK, it is really up to your personality as to which parks to hit next, if you want a more laid back day, and enjoy science/international culture Epcot is the place to go (also their Illuminations firework show is really good,) MGM is smaller then Epcot, but has the ToT (best ride in WDW, but I havent ridden Everest yeat) and RRC along with a bunch of movie rides and the amazing Fantasmic night show (my favorite disney night show) and of course their is AK which has the fewest attractions but has the new Everest ride, the absoultly amazing Safari ride (if you go here go to Everest snag a fastpass then proceed directly to the Safari ride because the animals are most awake at the opening of the park.)

Have fun!

Friday, April 28, 2006 10:57 AM
I agree with Touchdown, Disney and one (or two) day at universal is your best bet to save money.

You could though also do the universal treatment. Seaworld, Busch Gardens, and Universal have passes that are most times connected to save money. I would say look online to save money. A great deal is pay for 2 days and get 3 days free though you have to use them consecutively which cost $99 and then buy 2 Day 2 Park Value Ticket - Busch Gardens and SeaWorld. I suggest this if you are not going to any water parks. If not then it will cost 200 for each person.(Online only) If you also want to save time , book a hotel on universal property because you can then use fast pass in every line. Which is free for hotel guests and costs a premuim if you don't.

Edit:I suggest also using singles line if you don't stay on site. *** Edited 4/28/2006 3:00:26 PM UTC by WILLDOG***


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