First of the 2012 wooden coaster crop - Mythos!

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Europa Park (home to Silver Star as well as blue fire Megacoaster and lots of other sweet-looking Mack products) is building a wooden coaster for 2012. Slated to open in March, Mythos is a 144' tall GCII coaster. Some sweet artwork and what appears to be heavy theming are already visible from RCDB.

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Europa Park is one of (if not the finest) park in Europe. Their operations are Disney-like, nothing ever stacks and is always running all the trains.

I've got to wonder how they will cope with these. The GCI MF trains are wonderful, but they're not the quickest thing to load. People tend to get in and sit on the seatbelt, or pull their lap bar down prior to fastening the seatbelt which causes confusion.

Looking forward to riding it though!

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Will it have the best theme park food for six years running, as determined by people who clearly don't eat out enough?

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The buffets in the Colosseo were really good. The Food Loop was interesting and reasonably priced. But, the choices were limited.

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Here are some pictures of the Model. This looks like to become one of the best themed Woodencoasters in the World

I like the looks of this but after following the circuit over and over, it seems rather short. It's probably because I follow it so fast, but it seems pretty much like an out & back, in a curvy, figure 8 sort of way.

Gotta hand it to these people who have the patience to build these small models. Looks like that would take forever!

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Looks fun!

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Nice how there's a speed hill over the splashdown for the water coaster.

Look at what's happening at the base of the first drop!

I really like the way the it goes underneath an airtime hill, two pathways, and nearly collides with the station itself. Like a triple headchopper +.

On the other hand, when you add the Thunderhead style station flyby, the coaster operators will go through plenty of earplugs.

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Here's a construction video:

It's in German, except for Clair Hain's part. I don't understand German, but I did hear "atmosphere" a couple times. I'm thinking atmosphere = *charm* :) From what I've seen of Europa Park, they are big on that. Looks to be a beautiful ride!


The ride has been testing for a few days now. Here is a great video that Europa-Park produced:

There are a bunch of others circulating that have been filmed by local enthusiasts. Here is one of the better videos created:

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According to RCDB, it's been renamed to some weird transliteration or something.

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Yeah, that looks incredible. I wonder why the name / theme change...cost cutting? I thought the original theming sketches really made it stand out.

Europa Park does not do cost cutting and the theming will be amazing(it has not changed either)

Mythos was also never the officiall name, the tagline was something like "A new Mythos arises" and people asumed that would be the name which turned out to be false

Here theming pics(Lifthill)

Before the Station flythru


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If true, good to hear. I really liked the Greek mythology vibe the ride had going on. The barbarian in the most recent photos really doesn't seem to fit in though...

That looks like a gorgeous park.

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The park is stunning, when it comes to theming, probably only Disney beats them(and some would argue about that aswell). This is easy a 2/3 Day Park plus there Hotels are second to none...

BTW, the theme for the coaster was always a Viking mythology-not Greek-as it is placed in the Northern Europe section of the park

Here are a couple of concept Art for the station and cue, if they are able to pull this off, I will be mighty impressed....

Plus the Soundtrack is kinda incredible and if check the video of the first testride, wow, Wodan will be hauling ass!

Eh, guess you can tell I am excited about this one! Germany here I come!

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Mmmmm... look how nice and greezy those tracks are!


Since Euro-Mir and Silverstar, Europapark has gradually departed from it's original strictly family-oriented "no big thrills" policy that was derived from Disneyland's approach.
It is interesting how even the big thrill rides they have now are somewhat "friendly" versions - (e.g. comparing Silverstar to Jambhala).


I just did some research, and the quirky coaster name makes some sense in the end..

"Wotan" is spelled with a "d" in English, and "timbur" is an Old Norse word for wood... so while "Wodan Timburcoaster" still hurts the brain, there is at least a little more to it than just a strategy to steal your IQ-points.

The coaster looks really great! I really like how they went for little nudges of unexpected motion, lateral tilts etc. and continuous high speed... I guess this would be the style that made "Voyage" so popular?

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