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I have just returned from a business trip to San Diego and had the opportunity to go to Knotts on Saturday. Without making a lengthy trip report, I made some observations that I found intersting, and wanted to share them with all of you;

First - Silver Bullet - a great B&M invert. The overbanked turn is definitely unique (is there an enthusiast term for that yet?!?) and gives some great 0 g's. My question - is SB the first inverted B&M to use magnetic trims at the brake run?

Second - Ghostrider - AWESOME. I have heard great things about this ride and I can see why, it definitely provides some decent air and an 'out-of-control' ride. My question - what's the deal with the covered first drop? I noticed that the CS at DCA has an enclosed drop as this some sort of method of dealing with a noise ordinance?

Third - the themeing - is it me, or is this the best themed CF park???

Fourth - the people - I was overwhelmed with the friendliness of the employees AND the park patrons. People were pleasant and polite throughout the entire park, all day and all night.

Not surprisingly, the park was running at full bore, eventhough it was literally a 'ghost town' early in the day...the first 3 hours I was there, SB was a walk-on, and of course was running two train op all day. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the park and will plan on returning next time I am in SoCal.

Thanks to those that provided input in the other thread about the park. I greatly appreciate it.

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Glad to hear you had a good time at Knott's. I think it is actually the best CF park. :)

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Glad you had a great time at Knott's. The covered drop is indeed part of noise ordinances, namely the Raddison that is right by that drop. I know I wouldnt mind the sound of screaming coaster fanatics in the morning, but I think most people wouldn't. As for the theming, it really isn't all that hard to be the best themed CF park. That said, I think Knott's is one of the better themed parks I have been to, even though I'm not really into that whole wild west thing.

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Keep in mind that Knotts was a "theme" park long before Walt Disney came up the concept for Disneyland.
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Actually the covered drop was to appease the neighboring community particularly the homes, apartments, and condos just south of the Radisson. But it is does little to nothing to lessen the noise.

Yes, Knotts had its theme before Disney but only the Ghost Town section between the entrance and the railroad tracks. Calico Square, including the flume and mine train, were the first real rides added in the late 1960s, with Fiesta Village, the Roaring 20's, and the other sections following much later. But all was in place before the Cedar Fair buyout.

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Considering that the NOISE of a first drop is greatest as you near the BOTTOM, you'd have thought Knotts would have covered the portion from midway to the bottom on Ghostie instead of covering from the TOP to midway down the drop...

Perhaps they were thinking "here, this will shut up those NIMBY neighbors, AND they can still have the noise" THERE! ;)

Best themed CF park? Probably...maybe WoF.

How can a TR of KBF be complete without the obligatory mention of Monte and Jags!??! ;)

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rollergator said:

How can a TR of KBF be complete without the obligatory mention of Monte and Jags!??!

Or Riptide for that matter? Arguably the best flat ride in the park for thrills, maybe even the best RIDE in the park for thrills. You folks up in the Minneapolis area are in for a treat when VF opens for the season. I'm already planning a couple of trips up there just because of Riptide. The ride is THAT good in my book.

As for Jaggy, I can't say I have a lot of love for that ride. I think I'm too big for the ride and thus it makes the ride very unenjoyable. It's not a problem of being too fat for the ride, but rather no place to put my legs.

Monte on the other that is definately worth mentioning...I had a hard time admitting that it was better than my beloved GreazedViperWave (or as I knew it, Tidal Wave)

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Alright, alright, you two are right....I really, really enjoyed Monte, and all of the Schwarzkopf shuttle loopers that I have ever ridden.

Being that I had not ridden one in about 20 years (the last being Greezed Lightning at SFAW), I was actually a little surprised at the was great!!!

Anyone know - is SB the first B&M invert to use magnetic trims at the brake run?

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
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SVLFever, forgot to mention, COOL TR....thanks! :)

Based on our (lengthy) discussion of the Anton shuttle loopers, I think it's reasonably safe to say that Monte and SFAW's GL are the *cream of the crop* when it comes to shuttle loops...and in my experience, they ARE! :)

Riptide, or any of those floorless models....haven't ridden one, yet. C'mon, Solace! :)

Jags *is* a great ride, but, those Zierer trains leave lots of room for improvement, LOL....extra-snug AND (very) hard-molded...but the layout, theming, and threading Monte's loop to boot...I *tolerate* those trains.

No matter HOW good Riptide turns out, I'll ALWAYS miss Tampico Tumbler, which got a run for its money from Cypress' MegaBounce (maker sadly unknown at present, but I'm researching it)...look for the upcoming TR...;)

SVLFever said:

Anyone know - is SB the first B&M invert to use magnetic trims at the brake run?

Yes it is.


My TR was not the best by any imagination, but I tried.... :)

I did get to ride Jaguar and found it rather fun. I thought the super long train length was cool and unique.

I found myself thinking about GZ at SFAW and couldn't help but feel that the ride was really ahead of it's time, being that it has to be about 25 years old now. I also used to like the hydraulic smell it would give off and it would make the trademark 'moaning' when it launched. be young again.....

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.

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