First IJST at PKI TR. (Sort of)

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My brother just called from PKI at 6:30. The park opened at 5pm.

Aparently you have to pick up tickets behind the tower and there are a limited number being given out. At the time he called me, They were getting in line for the fourth ride in 1.5hrs.

Now, My brother is like me. He wasn't happy about loosing the flyers. He also after seeing it run, Thought it looked rather slow and isn't big on THEMED rides either.

His words, "IT ROCKS!" "I Love it!" "It has three major moments of airtime when riding up in front!" "The helix is insanely wicked!"

He also said that everything about it is cool and some of the effects aren't even working yet.

I had thoughts about stopping at the park tonight but decided I was gonna continue my *Boycott* and just wait for media day before making my decision to buy my pass.

Im sorry I didn't. I trust my brothers review over all others as he likest the same type rides as me. I wish I was there now :(

In closing, He is about the same size guy as me. Pretty big and he said it's very comfortable.


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