Firehawk opens Saturday, May 26th

Firehawk Opens This Saturday!!
Opens May 26, 2007
Park open 10am - 10pm
First 2500 Riders Per Day Get A FREE T-Shirt!

NOW YOU CAN FLY! Kings Island beginning Saturday (Memorial Day Weekend) as the park celebrates its 35th anniversary with the much-anticipated opening of Firehawk, the park’s 14th imaginative roller coaster.

Firehawk, the innovative flying roller coaster, propels riders 115 feet in the air and through five inversions at speeds of more than 50 mph – all while the riders are facing the ground, giving them the inconceivable experience of human flight.

To celebrate the opening of Firehawk, Kings Island is giving away special commemorative Firehawk T-shirts to the first 2,500 riders each day from Saturday May 26th through Tuesday May 29th.

The new Firehawk roller coaster is located in the Coney Mall themed area of the park. After boarding the coaster, riders are lowered backward to begin their ascent up a 115-foot-tall lift hill, only to be flipped over and jetted at top speeds through ½ mile of steel track over the course of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

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Sweet. I'm going to Columbus for a grad party Saturday. Maybe I'll stop by KI before heading home. :)

Do you think there's any chance they'd switch the ACE walkback to Firehawk Saturday? That'd be sweet. *** Edited 5/22/2007 3:49:07 AM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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Actually, I had heard that the walkback will be switched to Firehawk permanently after it opens. I'd check with the park. 1-800-288-0808.
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Thanks Donald. :)

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Mamoosh's avatar them the inconceivable experience of human flight.

that is, unless you were at Geauga Lake last year. I love marketing departments, lol.

The last word is that the ace walkback will still be going to the Beast, but if for some reason the Beast isn't ready or down, it may be switched to FireHawk.

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I was at the park Sunday and got to watch it test. She's lookin' pretty! ;)
Let the pigeons loose!

All sarcasm aside, I hope it does well for KI.
It's a great ride. My kids and I had the pleasure of riding it well over a hundred times.

I guess a trip to KI is in our future...

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Anyone been on it yet.

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Several thousand.
Will it be added for ERT at Coaster Con? What about SOB any word on when that will open?
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I wouldn't count on SOB being ready for Con.

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Its status for ERT is unknown right now, but it's possible.

SOB has some work happening in the station right now. The trackwork is done, and it's supposed to open by late June.

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Were the G2's ever modified? If so, have they been on the track yet?

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By ERT status I was referring to Firehawk, not SOB.

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