Firehawk is a hit!

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My girlfriend had to wear flip flops and she managed not to lose them. Just keep your feet down I guess and hope for the best!

Video should be up soon by the way. I'll post the link after I upload it.

Video is now up! Check it out:

Where at on the ride do you get your picture taken? Is it going into the loop or somewhere else?

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If you are referring to Firehawk then your picture is taken at the bottom of the first drop.
I liked the middle part of the video. No ride on Top Gun? It rocks.
I did get to finally go down to KI on Tuesday for my birthday and ride Firehawk. It had been three years since I last rode the ride at GL but from what I remember about it I can say that IMO it was a lot more smooth than I remember it at GL. It bumped a little from time to time but nothing painful.

It's still incredibly intense! But I think the one factor that made the biggest difference to me was the location of the ride. At GL it was parked on the edge of the parking lot right along the highway, while at KI it sits to the right of Flight Of Fear and is flanked on most sides by lots of trees which made for a more scenic view to me.

Overall I really enjoyed Firehawk. The color scheme is really nice with the gray and dark red structure, and the bright red and yellow trains. It was my first time to see the ride running both stations simultaneously, (for whatever reason I never remember seeing that at GL). Only waited about 30-35 minutes to ride,

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I did ride Top Gun I just didn't get a chance to film it. One of the better Arrow suspended coaster IMO. Short but sweet.
Cool. Thanks Amnesiac and yes I was referring to Firehawk.

"What we do in life, echos in eternity." Top 3 Wooden Coasters: Voyage, Thunderhead, The Raven. Top 3 Steel Coasters: Griffon, Magnum XL-200, Apollo's Chariot. 100th coaster: Voyage
World’s of Adventure was an example of how Six Flags lost sight on how to build amusement parks, thinking all they needed to do was squeeze in a bunch of new coasters. Firehawk’s move from what was World's of Adventure to King’s Island is a perfect example of Cedar Fair's superior understanding on how to build amusement destinations. Just as focused on coasters as Six Flags, but adding in the right way.

Cedar Fair also has a better grasp how to run parks. It’s no surprise to hear Firehawk opened with two loading stations and that lines throughout the park are well managed. Management understands that guests should leave their parks happy while looking forward to their next visit. I guess that’s why Cedar Fair doesn’t have debt problems despite rapid expansion.

Cedar Fair’s purchase of Paramount parks was probably the best possible out come insuring long, well managed, healthy lives for these parks; along with bigger attractions to come. Another point to be made is which Cedar Fair parks don’t have hyper-coasters? It is only a matter of time before these new additions to the Cedar Fair family get theirs.

My only wish is CF wouldn't choose to abandon the themed focus Paramount had going for Kings Island. Not sure why Cedar Fair is so resistant. The company could benefit greatly by adding a little themed spice to their parks. Maybe King's Island will help the company see the benefits of the themed attraction. This being the one advantage for Six Flags in their recent willingness to focus on theming. *** Edited 6/15/2007 3:32:06 PM UTC by rc-madness***

I think Cedar Fair is starting to see the light on themed attractions. Maverick at CP is a perfect example. It's no Disney coaster in terms of theme, but it is a start in the right direction.
Or Maverick could discourage CF from themed rides. I believe it’s the landscaped layout which has made correcting the problems on Maverick so difficult and costly for the company, though I'm am glad to see them try something new. But Maverick is more of a landscaped attraction. When Cedar Fair starts building rides like Tomb Raider or Adventure Express (now owned by CF, not built) then we'll know they've entered the themed attraction market.

The fortunate advantage for these newly acquired parks is that they used to be owned by Paramount, so they already have some themed attractions CF seems incapable of building themselves. Cedar Fair never would have built Volcano at Kings Dominion if it was their park back in 1998. Smurf Mountain just would have been torn down. How unfortunate would that be? You don't see CF looking to dismantle the Volcano now that its so popular.

You would think someone in the company would see some advantages to a little theming? Or maybe Cedar Fair recognizes that the only way they could enter the themed attraction market was by buying them from someone else, like say Paramount? *** Edited 6/15/2007 4:53:36 PM UTC by rc-madness***

Back to what people are saying about Kings Island needing a hyper coaster (B&M). I think a dive machine would go perfect @ King Islnd. Just make it a little longer then the other dive machines and that will make that ride perfect.

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