Fire at Cedar Point shuts down rides, injures firefighter

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A fire in a maintenance and storage building at Cedar Point led the amusement park in northern Ohio to close three rides and sent three firefighters to the hospital. Two firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion, while a third was injured in a fall.

Read more and see pictures from The Sandusky Register and AP via the Chillicothe Gazette.

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Too bad it didn't take out the gold dorms. I don't want anyone getting hurt but that is a facility that should meet its fate.

Someone was hurt.

Scary, and a potential tragedy averted. Fire seems to the amusement park like tornados to the trailer park - how many parks have suffered severe damage and even succumbed to fire over the years? One would like to think that modern fire codes being what they are would diminish the chances at a place like Cedar Point, but parks by their very nature can be tinderboxes. This fire could have spread very easily to other buildings and rides, and while the park was in operation? It might've been something a lot worse.

Hats off to the firefighters that were injured, and the other guys and gals that risk their personal safety on a daily basis to protect people and property.

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You don't know that code wasn't being complied with. In addition, from the looks of this photo, I think it's safe to say the footprint of the building was well under 12,000 square feet. So, in all likelihood, the building did not have a sprinkler system. Most buildings under 12,000 square feet do not require sprinkler systems.

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No, I don't know that - sorry for any misunderstanding. I was in no way implying that the park wasn't following safety codes- but in fact that today's code, which I'm confident Cedar Point is made to pay close attention to, should further insure that a fire like this doesn't happen - but it can anyway. I was considering that fire had a better chance to completely destroy parks back in the day when code wasn't as strict and structures were made of just about anything.

This fire, in spite of it all, had great potential to do real damage. Had it not been caught when it was, if responders had been delayed, had it been extremely windy, or if the buildings were made of lathe and plaster - any of these things could have led to further loss. That's all. Sorry again.

Knowing how the Gold and Cedars dorms look, CP doesn't put much effort into updating buildings guest never enter.

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Try taking a shower in one of those buildings, Gomez. lol

The Cedars was scarry enough thirty five years ago, but believe it not George Roose maintained an apartment there.

^^I have. I lived there in 2007. Lol is a good description of a lot things at Cedars.

When they were trying to convince me what a wonderful company they were to work for, they put me up in those scummy apartments next to the one set of dorms on the west side. That gave me an indication of what our relationship was going to be.

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