Finland's liquid coaster is a splash hit

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Vonkaptous, Premier's second liquid coaster, has made its debut at Linnanmaki Amusement Park.

Show me the photos!

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This is how all rides should end, with a splash!

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Wow, that splash-down is way cool! I don't like the water deflection walls, but I get the impression they didn't have enough room to make a big splash pool.

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I can imagine those walls would get you pretty drenched...

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Yes I agree Jeff those walls probably only get everyone on board wetter! There is a proposed water attraction for SFA in the masterplan. Since we've already got a shoot-the-chutes, a white-water rapids ride, and a log flume hybrid, could this be what's proposed? I certainly hope so.
Indeed, Linnanmaki is situated in the centre of Helsinki on a hill and is lack of place. The liquid coaster was build on a former hillside next to a public park and you have a great view from outside.
The ride looks short, but incredibly FUN! The "deflection" walls seem to do their job to keep the water inside on the riders; better for people out side the park and on the ride. I want to ride it!

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Has anybody ever been on one of these? If so how are they? It looks prety cool...

Those walls also seem as if they would conserve some water as most of it is going back down onto the riders and into the pool.
Cool ride! We need more of these!

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i have been it, i wasnt very surprised that i didnt like it very much. I think it sucked... vittuvittuvittuvittuvittuvittuvittuvittuvittuvittu
Vonkaputous is GREAT! It's even better than I thought!

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