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We arrived at Six Flags around noon, which was two hours behind schedule. I found that is was no big deal, because the park was lightly packed. While walking up to the park, I noticed that water was running on the Big Kuhuna, which was funny, because Hurricane Harbor doesn’t open until June. Anyways, from what it looked like, all the coaster were running, which was a good thing. One bad thing was Xcalibur was not running from what I could see. Still no ride on this thing! No big deal though, because I’ll be coming back many more times. Walking into the park, I gave my season pass to a very nice ticket taker. They said, “Have a nice day at Six Flags!” What a change from last year! Improvements were visible all around the park. One that comes to mind is the water in the main fountain is actually a natural color! And it smells natural as well! Walking into the park, I decided to start the season off with B:TR.

Batman TR- The wait for Batman wasn’t very long- only about 20 minutes or so. Walking through the queue, I noticed more improvements. Bushes have been trimmed, and the infamous broken fountain has been removed. Good move Six Flags! The wait of the ride started at the beginning of the Gotham City scene, so it wasn’t too long. My first ride was in row one, seat four. Well, all I can say is Batman was Batman. The only downside to this ride was a little head banging on the in-line twist. I went on Batman again in the night time, and the ride was much better. 8/10

After Batman, I decided to go on Ninja, which was a big mistake.

Ninja- There was no line, as always, and for a good reason. The first two inversions were great, but after the mid-course breaks, things got ugly. My head hit the over the shoulder restraint, which made me loose concentration from the double corkscrew, which I missed completely. This happened again on that devil-of-a-helix. After the torture from this torture devise, I decided I had enough Ninja for the day. 4/10

After exiting from the Ninja, I heard DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) music, and I had to play a couple of games. This I will never do again. Being 88 degrees outside, and DDR heating up your body twice as much as it should be, this was not a good combination. After this experience, I decided to ride the River King Mine Train, which was a great ride.

RKMT- Waiting for the ride, I noticed that walls have been built along the sides of the outside queue, which really made me loose the effect of the whole “mine” theming. Not a great idea in my opinion. The whole line moved very fast. I took my first ride in the back row, which surprisingly gave me a few little pops of airtime every now and then. I also got many pictures in throughout the ride, which will look great with the whole train in front of me. I got off this ride with a surprising smile on my face. This was a great ride, especially on the last drop. 10/10

After this, I headed for The Boss.

The Boss- The wait for this started around the go-kart track, which was not bad for a Saturday’s wait. Only two trains were running, so the wait was a little long. I started off with this great coaster in the front seat. The ride itself was pretty good, but could be better. The double-down first drop did absolutely nothing for me, and provided hardly any airtime, which was a disappointment. The track was partially smooth, and the mid-course breaks were not turned to full, so the train picked up speed throughout the rest of the ride. The ride was bearable until the double helix, where I bruised my leg on the lap bar. Ouch! I took 3 more rides on the Boss before close in the back row, which was airtime heaven! Great ride for now! 7/10

After The Boss, my parents and the family decided to leave the park for lunch, but I stayed in the park and had a turkey leg instead. I got a couple of rides on Screamin’ Eagle.

Screamin' Eagle-The line was short, like always, and I got my first ride in on row 3 seat 2. Eagle had been recently changed to seatbelts, which was no big deal, because the only requirement was to have the belt fastened. This turned out to be the best ride of the day. The re-tracking was very noticeable, and the airtime was plentiful. I got two more rides in the back row which were all equally great. 9/10

I ventured off Eagle and got in on Rush Street Flyer, my first flat of the day. Now, I haven’t been on this ride for years, and can’t really remember it that much, but I will never go on it again. These kinds of rides just make me sick. After that ride, I wondered around the park to see if there were any small lines on anything. I didn’t go a short way, because I found Tom’s Twister, my favorite flat in the park (Xcalibur would probably be the first if I could ride it!). I had a great time on it, and I finally put my feet up on the wall! Mr. Freeze was my next ride.

Mr. Freeze- The wait started around the entry to the building, which was great. Both trains were running, so the wait was about 5 to 10 minutes. My first ride was in the back seat in train two. The ride was great, and the launch definitely delivered. The lap bars give a great ride. I went on Mr. Freeze a total of eight times through the day. 8/10

After Mr. Freeze, I went on the Log Flume, err, Ice Mountain Splash. I got a ride on both sides, and I actually got to race somebody! I also went on the Moon Cars, which I haven’t been on since I was a kid. The layout is surprisingly shorter than I remembered. It was funny when the ride attendant said, “the only reason you should stop is if there is a goose on the track. The goose is a part of the Six Flags family, and we’d like to keep it that way”. I also hit Tidal Wave and got some air on the drop, which was unusual for Tidal Wave. I was going to go on Thunder River, but the line was way past the entrance, and many of the coasters had no lines at all, so I skipped it. Still no ride on this since 2002. We headed home at closing time, with my feet hurting from the hikes up the hills. We headed Quincy, where we got home at about 1 a.m. All in all, I had a great day at Six Flags. I can tell already that this is going to be a great season.

(BTW, this was also a paper for school, so don't be suprised if it doesn't sound too much like me! ^-^) *** Edited 5/20/2004 7:59:52 PM UTC by Devin***

...and DDR heating up your body twice as much as it should be...

197.2 would be pretty hot!

Anywho... I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

lol, I like to over-express things a little....

okay, so maybe 1/4....

Glad to hear you had a good time as well, its always nice to hear.

Glad you also saw a noticeable difference in Eagle, the mateinence team did an awsome job on it this year!


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