Fiesta Texas Sept 23, 2006

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As an account of being my birthday tomorrow, I took a day trip to Fiesta Texas with my family, including: My Aunt, Oncle, Cousin and her Friend, My Mom, and my friend and I. The day began to look gloomy, the skys looked dark, and rain was very light in some parts.

We pull up to the parkling lot around 1pm and there is a huge tent in the back, reading a sign "Beinifit for Children Welcome Dinner" then there was the Valero Texas Open thing going on on the other side of the parking lot. So pretty much all the general parking was taken up on one side of the median, and on the other, complete openess, so we parked there.
The first thing we did when I got in the park was Bug's White Water Rapids, I hadn't planned on getting wet today, but I went on anyways. Everyone went on, and my friend and I sat in the front. I was wanting the slash to go over us, which it did. Here is where I was mistaken: Climbing up the second lift after you dip a bit the front coners of the boat floods, thus redeeming my thighs very soaked.

After that my Friend, my Aunt, and I went to ride Superman. The wait was only about 10 minutes, just into the shade. Always gotta love a B&M, if they were people I'd marry one. But what annoyed me was there was two partys of two, and instead of going together, thus filling the row, they HAD to go seperatly. I don't like it when people mess with capacity or interval. But nonetheless, a very, very good ride.

This is where it gets fuzzy, I think we went to go eat after that at Lou's Pizzera in Rockville. I remeber my Aunt, Oncle, Cousin and her Friend going on the ferris wheel, but I cannot remember where we were. Then, I believe, we went to Scooby Doo, which I scored my highest ever: 1500 ish. And before I left Fiesta Bay Boardwalk I snapped some pics and rode Frisbee:

I was watching the cycle while in line, and I notice it was quite long, nothing out of the normal, as it shouldn't be. As we get on, and situtated, the ride starts. We start spinning and swinging, maybe a total of 5 swings, not very high, then I could tell the E-Stop was pushed, the tires stop spinning and you heard tires screahing and burning rubber. We come to a stop and the ride-op informs us the ride is having technical difficulites, the mechanic shows up really fast, only seconds after we stop.

The mechanics spins around for half a spin, then back another half spin the other way, then once more the other way. Now, without the spin he swings up a few feat, stops us, spins once more in each direction. Then, the restraints are release and we are informed to wait outside the exit while it test run. This whole process took less then 5 minutes before we were instructed to reboard. This is were I found my happiest moment. The ones who decided to come back, were about only half of who were originaly on it. Normaly, I could see a Six Flags park just trying to push numbers so I assumed they would load the gondala until it was full. But nope, they sure didn't. And for some reason, that made me happy. It shows I was valued, not just another number. Overall, Frisbee is a great ride, and I love it to death.
After Frisbee we headed towars Poltergeist. The line was just barely beyond the steps, maybe 10-15 minutes.

My Friend and I are the only ones riding, we get on (of course rememorizing the secquence), then we board. I'm talking to her about something and all of sudden I hear the brakes release. THen we both count down.... 3.......2......1....... GO! Right on target. What was strange was the angle of sun made the supports look even closer then they already feel. Love that ride too, took ride it over and over again.
After this we ride the Train from der Pilger Bahnhof in Spassburg to the Whistle Stop in CrackAxle Canyon. In CrackAxle my main attractions were The Wagon Wheel, Ratter (more on this later) and Road Runner. So I ride Wagon Wheel and I noticed Rattler was open. From what I read (and witnessed in the mornings) Rattler was closed because of the Texas Open, but I guess not since it was getting late (or maybe the thunderstorms, more on this later). But personaly, I'm not a huge fan of Rattler, and I didn't feel like riding it myself (since on one else wanted to ride) so I decided to skip it. So instead I head towars Road Runner Express which I knew I saw running earlier: Closed. There was a sign infront of the enterance, but I didn't take the time to read it. And now that I'm thinking it could have been due to the weather.

My friend orders a sign at the Woodworking Shop, and so we decided to take my Aunt, Oncle, Cousin and her Friend out of the park since they decided they wanted to leave a bit early. After she ordered it we took off on the train back to der Bahnhof in Spassburg. As were riding I see some very severe looking thunderstrikes, so I decided since the weather was begining to look bad I'd hit Boomerang before we took them out of the park. I saw it running just as we pull into the station, and I run to it, as I come out from under the bridge, it was a ghost town in the station. No one, the ride was already closed. Since the weather was looking bad my Mom decided to ran back to CrackAxle to pick up the sign, so she takes the train.

She tells us to beging to walk out to the car so I can open my birthday cards. Man, things changed quick. From once a far distant thunderstrom, the skys began to grow dark, the wind picked up, and the most spectacular lightning show ever. We get to the car while all this is happening, and open my cards. Various gift cards and such, and the weather was getting worse. So I call my mom to see where she is, and she tells me she's "dashing" to the front gate. In the meantime the wind picks up and dust begings to get in my eyes. She gets out there, we say our good byes, and we leave before it starts raining.

Somehow this reminds me of the only visit to Astroworld back in 2001 or 2002. My Aunt and Oncle live in Houston, and one summer while visiting them there I decided I wanted to go to Astroworld. The day was hot and unbearable. And at the very end a huge dust strom rolls in and I can see it coming from the Texas Cyclone (the last ride before I left). We dashed out to the car with hands covering our eyes and mouth, the dust was pelting us.
As we were leaving the rain started. As were on 1604 the rain picks up and the freeway was an almost standstill for a minute or two. Then the speed picks up to about 30 mph and the rain is coming down harder then ever. We're just driving by when a huge lightning strikes near by and knocks the power out at the Valero on the side of the freeway. Luckily, that was as bad as it got. The rain kept up and the lightning was beutiful but not frightning. We hit San Marcos and there is almost no rain, we were out of it for good. I drop my friend off at her house, get home, edit the pics, and start writing my Trip Report.

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I happened to be at the park yesterday as well, so I'll give my quick TR and 2c:

Wife and I got to the park around 2p. Parking for $10 used to be normal, but now it seems like a steal.

Rode Bug's White Water Rapids first in the back. Got a little sprinkle but nothing too wet, which was perfect. The lady in the front of our log got drenched. I'm not sure exactly how, but she could've filled a bucket with the water dripping off her. Overall the ride was well themed and a lot of fun. I really loved the part where you go in the aqueduct over the pathway. A great touch.

Next was S:KC. About a 20 minute wait. Back right seat. Okay, first of all, there were two trains (which was okay given that the line wasn't too bad) but they had 1 operator checking the trains. 1! As in all 32 seats by 1 person. Even if the person busted his or her ass, it was rare that the other train wouldn't stack. And anytime there was some kind of holdup, the second train would stack for a bit. I just don't get it.

Ride-wise, S:KC was the last U.S. floorless for me and was one of my favorites (I also really liked B:DK/Dominator). Really unique layout and terrain usage and the MCBR was just giving a little tap so the second half of the ride was taken with some good speed. Even a decent float going into the final brakes in the front row.

Next we rode the carosel (at the request of my wife) which was pretty standard, then onto Poltergeist. 1 train, about a 25 minute wait. I'm not too big a fan of the Premier Spago-bowls. They're a bit intense/disorienting, but the launch is nice. Wife really loved it, almost as much as S:KC. She really liked the launch, the twisted layout, the headchoppers and the resemblance to RnRC (which is one of our favorites).

Went over to the boardwalk, which is super cool. For a Six Flags park, FT has some amazing theming. Skipped the frisbee because I was feeling a bit nauseous and got in line for Scooby, a Sally Interactive Dark Ride. I love these things. Wife isn't too competitive/accurate (I'm not sure which is the cause of the other) and so she came off with 750 and I got 1800. She wasn't too happy with my total whooping, but she said it was overall fun. I wish she could have had other people to play against that weren't raised on Duck Hunt.

This was about the time when the visit head South quickly. It was a pretty hot and humid day (well, coming from DFW it felt really humid) and so our tempers were starting to wear a bit thin.

Went to the kiddie coaster and got the credit, but we were cut by 7 kids on different occasions - for a ride with a 10 person capacity, that's kind of annoying. Parents were waving kids through the line and others were just hopping under the railing and entering the line wherever they wanted. Granted, it's not the end of the world to wait an extra cycle for the credit on the kiddie coaster, but I'm just kind of pissed off that the parents were actively teaching their kids to disrespect other people around them. Oh well. <Steps down from soap box>

Our second trip on S:KC the line was shorter, but due to the single ride op and a couple of cutters, the wait was longer. Still a great coaster.

Rattler had opened up and Road Runner had gone down (for maintanence, actually) so we took a ride in 1-2 (which I've heard is the least painful). Overall, I thought this ride was about as bad as it gets. The roughness was on par with some of the worst like TX Giant, but to compensate, the ride was trimmed to hell. The different parts of the ride were either mind numbingly boring and a little bumpy (like the big helix on top of the quarry which looked like it could have been a lot of fun at one point) or just damn painful (the section after the first turnaround before the flat track up the quarry). On the plus side the tunnel was smooth and fun (and dark!).

Lastly, the boomerang. Nothing special either way. It was a walk on. Definitely a bit disorienting with dehydration and all.

Didn't get a chance to catch any shows, which was expected, but I hope to on my next visit. Everyone says they're awesome, especially the grand finale.

The S&S tower was running 1 out of 3 towers, so we skipped that too.

Overall the park had a lot of potential and started out really well, but just sort of collapsed later on in the day. A nice assortment of rides, great theming for a six flags park, and decent operations in general, but how can you run your most popular coaster with 1 operator??? I just don't get it.

I'll probably head to the park whenever I'm in the area, but I wouldn't recommend it based on my experience of it.

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Yep... SFFT has a real staffing problem in the non-summer months. Scream seems to be the worst in terms of staffing vs. dispatch time. I'm really hoping they'll bulk up on staff, what with SeaWorld finally extending their season into December.

Too bad y'all didn't visit today. It's in the low 70s right now... coolest it's been in six months.

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