Fiesta Texas guide added to Lone Star Thrills

Posted Friday, August 10, 2001 4:50 AM | Contributed by Lone Star Thrills

We have adde our new Six Flags Fiesta Texas guide for your use. Coaster stats to dining to shopping, it's all here.

Link: Lone Star Thrills

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Friday, August 10, 2001 4:51 AM
Jeff's avatar Outstanding! What an interesting looking park. I didn't realize the cobra roll on Superman was partly over water.

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Friday, August 10, 2001 7:50 AM
It seems like Fiesta Texas is in a good location, seeing as how tow of their coasters use terrain as a feature. It's too bad that the Rattler had to be modified, that thing looks INSANE.

Friday, August 10, 2001 8:04 AM
It is a nice setting for a park. All it needs is a few more good coasters to be a top O' the line park IMO.
Friday, August 10, 2001 10:50 AM
poor, poor rattler. Luckily I got to ride it a few months after it opened, and was the only coaster that I think truly whooped my ass. I rode it twice and was sore for a few days afterwards. I rode it again last year and it sucks now, the first drop is nothing like it used to be and it goes so slow in the helix it's frustrating. Still good looking though.

Friday, August 10, 2001 12:25 PM
janfrederick's avatar What ever happened to the old Tornado(???) It was and old double looper from some strange company. The track was Intamin I think. Built in the mid 80's?

Yeeee Haaawwww!
Friday, August 10, 2001 7:05 PM
I think your thinking about the Texas Tornado at Wonderland Amusement Park. Fiesta Texas opened in 1992, and got it's first looper in 1996 (joker's Revenge). TT opened in 1985 at Wonderland and was built by OD Hopkins

Jeremy Murphy
Saturday, August 11, 2001 4:54 PM
cool pictures
Saturday, August 11, 2001 4:55 PM
Great Pics! Welcome aboard Thumper!

My favorite Coaster is named after Poop, and I actually like Boomerangs! What is wrong with me?

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