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Tuesday, May 29, 2001 2:43 PM
My husband & I are fairly new ACE members, and we had been looking forward to attending the Fiesta Fest event. I'm happy to say that it didn't disappoint us, and we had a great time! The day started with some ert on one of our favorite coasters, Superman: Krypton Coaster. We managed to get 11 rides during the ert, including two front row rides.

Next, they drove us up in minivans to the top of the cliff for some sweet photos of S:KC and the rest of the park. You really do get a wonderful view of the park from up there, and I think I got some great shots of Superman. (Guess I'll know for sure when I get my film developed!) After we returned to the ground, we roamed the park freely until noon; then, we met for a delicious fajita lunch buffet at the Mi Publitos Mexican restaurant. A couple of pieces of wood from Rattler were auctioned off, there were some guest speakers from the park, and Bugs Bunny even made the rounds during our meal. We were given a cool souvenir of our event: a plastic "backstage pass" style card, complete with our name, ACE logo, logos of rides, and a yellow neck strap.

We had some more time to wander through the park during the afternoon. We went to see the Rockville High show, which we had not seen during our previous visits to the park. ACE members were given priority seating for the show, and a couple of members even participated in the show itself! They also got a good laugh from us when the principal mentioned in her announcement that our ACE rep Tim Baldwin was on the detention list. :)

We spent more time running around the park until 6 PM, and then we met in the Zaragoza theater to see the new Circo Magnifico show. We were given priority seating again, and we also got to meet some of the performers before the show. The acrobatics in this show were amazing, and I would definitely recommend seeing it. Later that night, we all met up to watch the Lone Star Spectacular (which was something else I had never seen up to this point). After the show, we were taken over to Rattler for ert to finish the night. The park staff arranged to have the lights turned off during the ride, and this did make the Rattler seem "wilder". We got in 9 trips before the end of the night, and we were pretty exhausted as we headed out of the park. But it had been a fun day! My thanks go out to the park staff who worked hard on this event. You guys were so helpful and friendly, and we're looking forward to next year!

(Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the park opened up the new Skyscraper ride the day before the event. It's taking the place of the recently-removed skycoaster ride. ACE members were given a discount during Fiesta Fest, so rides were $10 instead of the usual $15. My husband and I were not brave enough to try it at this time, but it sure was fun to watch!)

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