Fiesta Fest - 26 May 2002

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Once again, Fiesta Texas steps up to the plate to prove they refuse to be outdone by any other Six Flags when it comes to hosting an ACE event. This was as good as they come: Duane Brown and his fellow Fiesta staff bent over backwards so far for us that the limbo stick practically touched the ground.

Highlights included: a couple hours of sneak preview the night before after the park closed during which they gave us margaritas in the VIP lounge while we waited for the general public to leave the park - followed by some ERT on the refitted Poltergeist and brand new Scooby Doo dark ride; A tournament with prizes for the highest scores on Scooby Doo; Two more hours of ERT the following day on Scream, Superman Krypton Coaster, and Rattler (with the lights off); Early and VIP seating to several shows including Rocking at Rockville High and the Circo Magnifico acrobat performance; a sit down catered lunch at the hospitality house featuring three different types of pasta and dessert (when was the last time you drank out of glassware at a Six Flags?); a behind the scenes photo-tour up on the cliffside behind Superman Krypton Coaster; a round of Coaster "Weakest Link" in the Rockville stadium; free parking, t-shirts, lanyards, pins, and magazines; 25% discounts on retail purchases;

...and most surprising and delightful of all, a souvenir for each event guest that consisted of a metal piece of Rattler track mounted on a wooden block that had been laser etched to commemmorate the event. These are NICE and the park spent about a month putting these together for us. Someone will surely post a picture of theirs soon.

It sure seems that the Texas parks are continually tryng to one-up each other each time Fiesta Fest, Lonestar Coasterthon, and Winterfest come up, and this weekend was no exception. Gotta be grateful for some real southern hospitality on behalf of Fiesta!

btw: ACE Shark Bash at SeaWorld on that Saturday was also pretty darn good.

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