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Sunday, October 27, 2002 12:44 PM
Robocoaster's avatar This marks the second year the WA park has participated. I was unable to attend last year, and judging by what I saw, I will skip it next year as well. After hearing reports from other locations, I had expectations that were too high. Some decent enough theming here and there, but nothing too scary. I had no interest in Fearanoia, but it sounded fun, and was I to stay until closing, probably would've joined in. Trick or treating for little kids and pumpkin painting were the extent of daytime festivities.
So my friends and I rode a few rides, and waited for sundown to see if things kicked into a higher gear. I should note I was impressed with how the staff is settling in to their new mouse. Upon opening it ran four cars, and experienced a bit of stacking. Later in the summer, there was still stacking with a three car operation. Well it was still a three car sytem, but with no stacking at all. Dare I say this crew could've ran a four car operation efficiently? Yes.
The Giant Slide, nicely landscaped into the hillside, was a swift ride for a change; must've been waxed recently.
At night, no fog, no actors trying to scare you, only a lame haunted mausoleum, which was free w/ admission. I hope they are growing into this, because "Fright Fest" is stretching things a bit. But I understand they are going for more of a family park here, so it may never get too intense.
In the back of the park, there are now definate signs of a woodie coming. As we drove around the perimeter, there was a public notice of "intent of land use" stating a wooden rollercoaster, 75 ft high, etc. It was of the same type of signs that were up earlier this year, describing the new rides that went in this spring. In the new Old West Territory, multiple stakes are up everywhere now, litterally. Most say coaster limits on them. Most trees are tagged with different ribbons; some say to keep, others to be relocated, even removed. No groundwork appears to have been started yet though. I don't know how long it takes, but I assume some movement will occur before Holiday with Lights. Otherwise, management continues to dismantle the sun-bathing hill. This spring the ne corner of it was shored up to install the kiteflyer. Now a midwest chunk is being removed to finally install that zamperla polyp (stupid production name) that was part of the promised "ten new rides" press release, although park brocures advertised "nine new rides....".
Don't get me wrong, I like the park very much, and am jazzed about the improvements. But I will try to patient as this park and it's new owners settle in.

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