Ferrari World Abu Dhabi set to open at end of October

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A year after its first Formula One race, Abu Dhabi hopes to lure even more tourists with "Ferrari World" -- a grandiose theme park that is the first of its kind for the iconic Italian carmaker. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi announced on Monday that the park will open in 100 days featuring a record-breaking roller coaster ride meant to emulate the feeling of being in a Ferrari F1 car.

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Is there any footage of any of their coasters testing, or of the vehicles for the big Intamin contraption? The Intamin ride in particular looks to be quite impressive (here's hoping they launch it at the design speeds and don't neuter it because of Gs), and the Premier(?) racers w/ the drifting cars look quite interesting as well.


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You can see a few photos of the car here.

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0-150 right into some trims....But it does simulate a F1 race car. Big acceleration, big breaks..Formula Rossa's trains look real cool though. I'm interested in the goggles that they will be forcing people to wear to keep sand out of their eyes!

Holy melting wheels Batman!

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"Meh too" :)

Seriously, take the best part, in my opinion, off of TDD, which I consider a pretty lame ride already, and you have Formula Rossa.

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Not to mention that it'll run as designed for a week at most (my prediction, you heard it hear first). Trims or not, that layout starts at +100mph and I'd bet it finishes at +50. If part of the neutering of Intimidator was wheel problems, magnify that by another 50 mph and tell me what you'd expect. Oh also, put it in a desert.

In their defense, Ferari World didn't necessarily know about the wheel problems Intimidator was going to have since, despite opening later, I think Formula Rossa was effectively finished long before Intimidator. That said, I predict that they're going to get a rude introduction to the world of Intamin maintenance troubles. Not to mention the inevitable blackouts...

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" inevitable blackouts" I think inevitable is too strong a word. I-305 is the only intamin coaster i can think of off the top of my head that causes blackouts. KK, TTD, STE and the Tower of Terror all go/went faster than I-305 and they never had blackout problems. I'm not 100% it wont have blackout problems, but at the same time you can't say you are 100% it will either.

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Did I read somewhere that riders would have to wear protective goggles on this ride?


Nothing to see here. Move along.

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^ What madness

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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The goggles aren't a fashion statement. They're to protect riders' eye from sand and bugs (and, perhaps, shards of launch cable).

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Yeah I figured, I just don't see how practical it can be. That'd be one one ride photo worth buying!

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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"Which one are you?"

"The one in the goggles..."

Eric Hossfield said:
" inevitable blackouts" I think inevitable is too strong a word. I-305 is the only intamin coaster i can think of off the top of my head that causes blackouts. KK, TTD, STE and the Tower of Terror all go/went faster than I-305 and they never had blackout problems.

True, but blackouts have nothing to do with speed. If you could sustain the Gs of Intimidator's first turn for an equivalent length of time going 30 mph, people would be just as likely to black out there. I spy an enormous, high G turn immediately after the first hill, and though it's not quite 270 degrees, it's a larger radius at a faster speed, so it's conceivable that the G duration (coupled with the heat of the environment) could lead some riders to grey/black out. You're right that I can't 100% say there will be, but after I305's similarly designed turn caused some blackouts, it's easier to predict similar trouble spots on this ride.

That said, even if it does cause some people to black/grey out, I don't see that as a problem. It's an intense ride, and if it's too intense for you, don't ride it. As long as no one's coming into the station unconscious and drooling, who cares? It's not like it's a health risk. I305's turbo-trim is a knee-jerk American (before you jump at me for stereotyping, the phrase 'never in America' exists for a reason and you can't argue with our lawsuit culture) fix to something that I never considered a problem in the first place. Hopefully if Formula Rossa exhibits similar traits, it won't be viewed as a problem and the ride'll get to run as designed.


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Predicted Formula Rossa problems aside, the whole concept of this park is awesome. I'm a huge car nut, so this park combines my two biggest passions.

Plus, how cool is this?

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It amazes me how jaded and pestimistic some people are on this site. Do you actually enjoy seeing a new coaster open anymore? Or do you just want to be the first person to post 'meh' when anything new is announced?

If the point of Fomrula Rossa is to simulate a ride in a race car, I think the layout does just that. If the ride was a little closer to home, I would be excited to give it a try.

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Although to play devil's advocate, this is an Intamin coaster, and they have had a multitude of FAIL as of late.

That said, I think it will still be fun as hell.

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I'm 'meh' about this particular ride simply because the ride makers have had issues with 'doing it big' like this in the past, and so I'm not excited to get over to Abu Dhabi to ride it.

Same thing with Ring Racer.

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Well, since it a virtual race car simulator, why even call it a coaster?

I'll answer that. Because it IS a coaster, and it will probably feel exactly like a coaster; just like Kinda Ka and TTD, minus the only part of those rides that I enjoy, which is the height. Maybe I'm less "jaded" about this new coaster, and more jaded about KK and TTD. I just don't find them to be as fun as other coasters. (The phrase "one trick pony" comes to mind,)

Yes, it's great that a new coaster is opening somewhere in the world. It's not great (in my perspective) that the ride will probably suck, by my standards.

I'm not an auto enthusiast, so "Your mileage may vary".

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