Ferrari World Abu Dhabi launches new Turbo Track

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From the press release:

Turbo Track is another first for the Park, with major structural changes made to the building to accommodate it. The rollercoaster launches guests from inside the park at 102 KMPH through the famous glass funnel, propelling them vertically through the iconic red roof to the highest point on Yas Island at 64 m, before they experience hair-raising zero gravity as they plummet vertically back down.

Turbo Track becomes the third ride to be launched at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in the last 12 months. The new heart-pounding ride will add to the full experience at the park that appeals to thrill-seeking guests and families alike.

Turbo Track on CoasterBuzz

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Seems exceptionally short. Is there more to it than what it is shown in the video?

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That looks like it could be the worst launch coaster of all time.

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Really? Worse than S:TE? Or Furious Baco?

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Why the hate on Baco? Good speed, zig zag through terrain, nice slow hang time barrel roll at the end. Have they done something to it in the last 4-5 years?

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Superman - The Escape was actually pretty awesome, or at least I thought so. Once you're going one hundred miles per hour, it's kind of hard to suck.

Wow, that last sentence REALLY came out wrong.

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I determined from a vid somewhere that this ride has forward and backward facing seats. So... ride twice for the full experience? The backwards ride is interesting, as you get a brief look from the spike down into that cool roof structure.
Otherwise, this ride looks like ZZZZzzzz....

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I suppose those in the UAE don't have the option of simply riding Wicked Twister.

ApolloAndy said:

Really? Worse than S:TE? Or Furious Baco?

I'm surprised to see people not like Baco. It was the highlight of my trip to Port Aventura. Turbo Track seems to do much less.

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