Felony charge added for Elgin cop after alleged incident at Michigan's Adventure

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The Elgin police officer charged with assaulting employees of Michigan's Adventure on July 16 also has been charged with fighting with guards at the Muskegon, Mich., County Jail after his arrest. And unlike the original misdemeanor charge of assault and battery, this charge is a felony.

Read more from The Courier-News.

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I wonder if the chances of him ever being a cop after this is any greater than 0%.

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He's from Illinois, so maybe he can buy his way back on the police force.


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That's pretty sad that a police officer would be drunk at an amusement park, when there are kids around. Unlike Cedar Point, I don't think that Michigan's Adventure serves beer, so this man must have been drunk when he entered the park. If he was a possible danger, why did they even allow him to enter the park? That seems strange to me.

I have been to Cedar Point that does serve beer. They have a beer garden in the front of the park, and the amount of drunks that come from there, staggering all over the park and puking it up on the rides, makes one wonder why they feel the need to cater to these jerks to begin with. I mean really, isn't the fun of an amusement park enough? Do you have to get drunk too?

They serve beer at Indiana beach too. But, I think they only serve it in the evening, and are pretty strict about it. And, most of the drinking there occurs when they have a band playing in the lounge...not all day. like Cedar Point does.

Being around drunks in an amusement park setting is not fun at all. been there, done that.

Unfortunately, just because MiA doesn't serve beer doesn't mean people can't bring a bottle in with them. And, yes I am guilty of this in my past life at other amusement parks including SFGA and CP to name a couple.

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I don't see drunks "staggering" all over Cedar Point. Being drunk doesn't mean you're a jerk and puking either. I've been drunk countless times at Cedar Point, and you would have never known it. Leave the drinkin' to grown ups.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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I can remember many times getting on the aerial tram at SFGADV with nice white eyes, and getting off with bloodshot ones..

To be a teenager again...

Just another Mike..

^ Or the Sky Whirl at SFGAm.... ;)

--George H

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