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Monday, September 2, 2002 10:55 AM

After sitting on the cuaseway in traffic for about a half hour we made it around perimeter road and found a parking spot within walking distance of the shiny red Intamin track.

My two friends Brian and Phil and I hoped on Magnum for a wuick lap just as we got in the park. after that, we spotted Corey (RolloCoast) and Kara (STChick) standing outside the exit. Origionally we were spose to meet them an hour later at noon outside of the Magnum entrance. After waiting a few minutes for James (Dreags) to park, we headed over to Gemini.

After Gemini we got a quick lap on CCMR before going to the magnum entrance to meet up with the rest our huge group. Brian and Phil went for some DDR action for the time being. Once we made it over to Magnum we spotted the next two "members" of the group for the day. Matt (MDOmnis) and Jeff (ya know that one webmaster guy).

We had decided to go get a lap on WT, but the wait was an hour, screw that. Jumped on Giant Wheel for some pics, since every line in the park was at least 45 min).

We all decided to go check out America Rocks, I have to say, this blows snoopy right out of the frozen water. After the show I decided to catch some lunch with my friends at Silver Dollar.

The three of us met back up with the group sitting on the grass across from Magnums gata. We ended up sitting and talking for at least an hour, in the meantime Magnum Dan joined us. What a great place to people watch, (just watch out for the occasional 350 lb man walking by with his shirt rolled up ).

Dan and Jeff had to leave to go pick something of Dans up. Kara, James and I decided to go get INtimite with the track. After etting some pictures and watching Kara attempt to eat a melted HoHo...o wait I'm sorry, Swiss Cake Roll, James had to head off.

Kara and I made out way down the beach to mett up with the rest of the group at WT. As we were walking up we noticed one of the giant flags poles tipping over on to Corey, ummmmmm, dont ask.

WT still had a pretty large line so we went over to Power Tower. Waited about 35 mins for a space shot.

By this time it was getting dark, so we hoped in line for Millennium Force. Great front seat ride.

Well, all in all we only hit 4 coasters, and Giant Wheel, but it was still a fun day.

Nice TR!
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Monday, September 2, 2002 8:18 PM
I wonder why Power Tower doesn't get huge lines?

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Tuesday, September 3, 2002 12:43 PM
Great day, great day. Glad you and your friends made it there, Joey. DDR was a blast with you too, even if the platform sucked. I cannot believe you brought the Swiss Cake Roll into this!! Always have to mock the poor Michigander I guess. Anyway, always a blast and I'll see you closing weekend.

Kara (car-uh)
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Tuesday, September 3, 2002 12:47 PM
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You know...you really can't know the full joy in making fun of Michigan until you live there. Then it just comes as second nature ;o)

Us Ohioans all love you to death, Kara, and you know we would take you in as a fellow citizen in a heartbeat.

James Draeger
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Tuesday, September 3, 2002 9:24 PM

ST chick said:
I cannot believe you brought the Swiss Cake Roll into this!! Always have to mock the poor Michigander I guess.

Just be glad I am nice and don't tell everyone what was on Corey's camera - and I'm not talking about the on-rides either... ;) Between that and a baked out ride on Iron Dragon Monday with Natalie and Jeff, this trip was almost too much to take! :) Also, the Sunday night rides on Magnum (especially the last trimless ride) were awesome and I was glad to ride with people who don't complain about the ride causing pain (caughNatalieandJeffcaugh)! :) I also had fun on Sunday even though I think I rode less than 10 rides all day!

2001 Magnum Crew

Saturday, September 7, 2002 7:08 AM


I'll *never* forget the "baked" out ride on Iron Dragon. We just couldn't believe what we were smelling. And yes, that Magnum ride on Monday was just plain wrong ;o)

Jeff Tobe


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