Feds say orca at SeaWorld San Diego was injured by enclosure, not another animal

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A federal agency has determined a killer whale that suffered a plate-sized injury in September at SeaWorld San Diego was not injured by one of the park’s other orcas, as animal rights activists had claimed. The USDA concluded that the injury appeared to be caused by the jaw scraping the recessed track that holds watertight gates between two of the pools at Shamu Stadium.

Read more from The North County Times.

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I have always been against anything PETA claims. But this event makes you wonder what is really happening. Seeing the photo, it is a serious wound, regardless how it happened. The article states it is healing well. I really hope this is the case and this is the end. I know SW does a great job caring for their animals and we don't want to give PETA any ammunition against the parks.

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When it comes to Sea World, they are such a visible company that I don't think they would do anything that would jeopardize the safety of one of their most valuable assets. Certainly weird things can happen, but I fully believe they will adapt and learn from unusual events in a way that protects their animals and staff.

Are there sharp things in the Ocean? YES!!!! Maybe SeaWorld is trying to make captivity more realistic :)

Anyone who wants to protest against PETA with me +1

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I was betting on dolphin gang initiation as the cause.

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