Favorite line for ride/coaster

Saturday, July 19, 2003 10:49 AM
Mine would have to be Viper at SFGAM. The old shacks and other things are very cool. I like the old Western Themes for Roller Coasters.

I also really like the line for the Tower of Terror at WDW. The old run-down lobby with cobwebs are neat. And i like walking up the hill to the actual building through the garden with old trees grown over the queve and stuff. And the old 30's music adds a bit of a touch.

And i like the line for the Lighning Racer. The station is just awesome, and all the walkways are great.

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Saturday, July 19, 2003 10:54 AM
I like the lines for the Incredile Hulk, Dueling Dragon's, Kraken, Batman: The ride, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Dudley do right's ripsaw falls, and Jounrey to Atlantis.
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Saturday, July 19, 2003 11:01 AM
That's easy: Dueling Dragons! The queue line through the castle is the best part of the ride. I liked the stained glass window that changes configuration and tells a story about the castle. I also liked the dungeon, the horse that is suspended from the ceiling, and the loading platform, which is meant to simulate an evening sky outside of the castle.

I also like BGW's queue for Loch Ness Monster with all of the deep-sea expedition gear. Space Mountain at WDW has an entertaining queue with plenty of pictures from space for at least some of the line; and I personally like the queue on Mean Streak at CP (most of which is underneath the ride) - you can get a great idea of the complexity of the coaster's design.

The line I HATE the most: Top Thrill Dragster - where you're sandwiched into a narrow queue that seems to magnify the amount of people standing in line (you would have thought they would have made the queue right next to the launch so that everyone could see riders' reactions before they are shot off; the looks on some people's faces are priceless)

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Saturday, July 19, 2003 11:18 AM
The queue for a lot of rides at DL is a given, with my fav being Indiana Jones. But the pre-show for T2 3-D at USH is tops; sets up the story and is entertaining as well.
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Saturday, July 19, 2003 11:27 AM
My favorite line is one with no one in it except me. :)

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Saturday, July 19, 2003 11:32 AM
Doesn't it take two points to make a line? :) You'd be your favorite dot.

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Saturday, July 19, 2003 12:19 PM
Top Ten Lines:

1. DD, no question that ride rocks

2. Spiderman, the amount of detail put into this ride queue is increadble

3. Tower of Terror, partial to the pre ride video here

4. Thunder Mountain

5. Batman the Ride SFGAm

6. Space Mountain

7. Splash Mountain

8. LNM

9. Posidon's Adventure

10. MF, just because of the excitement of the ride and people as they wait

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Saturday, July 19, 2003 1:41 PM
My Top Five Lines (rides that I've been on)

1. Dueling Dragons

2. Spiderman

3. Hulk

4. Dr. Doom's Fear Fall

5. Test Track

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Saturday, July 19, 2003 2:51 PM
I like the line for Indiania Jones at Disneyland! It's got to be the best looking themeing I've ever seen. It looks like an old temple of some sort. Very cool.

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Saturday, July 19, 2003 3:31 PM
Dueling Dragons takes the best queue for me..Especially when it branches off to the Fire Dragon!
Saturday, July 19, 2003 3:44 PM
1.) Dueling Dragons - Although I never waited in the line (the ride was almost walk on when I went), so we just walked through the queue, but what I did see blew me away.

2.) Millennium Force - Not so much for theming, but because there is so much energy in the queue. The train rushing by, the DJ's and the music, or just the excitement of the people waiting and the people getting off.

3.) I'll put in Incredible Hulk too. The station was brilliant, although I never saw the rest of the queue because when I did ride I always used the single rider entrance.

1. Millennium Force
2. HypersonicXLC
3. Alpengeist

Saturday, July 19, 2003 8:28 PM
1. Dueling Dragons. Anyone who has ever rode this, I dont know how you could disagree. The Castle\Dungeon actually seems real, and seems to never end as your walking through

2. Dudley Do rights Ripsaw Falls. Another incredibly themed line that dosent seem to end.

3. Flight of Fear. When the lights go out...everybody starts screaming just for the sake of screaming in the dark. Very fun.

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Sunday, July 20, 2003 10:06 AM
I need to visit more parks with themed rides.

Star Trek the Experience. Probably the best line I've ever been in. The entire queue is a timeline and includes props/costumes from the TV series and movies. There is no such thing as getting bored in that line.

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Sunday, July 20, 2003 12:07 PM
As others have said, Dueling Dragons, by far.

Hex, at Alton Towers, is pretty good too.

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Sunday, July 20, 2003 12:18 PM

coasterpunk said:
I like the line for Indiania Jones at Disneyland! It's got to be the best looking themeing I've ever seen. It looks like an old temple of some sort. Very cool.

I could not agree more. It seems as if they spent a whole chunk of that multimillion dollar project on that jungle environment/ancient civilization theming in the area and queue.

Sunday, July 20, 2003 2:26 PM
The WORST line? It's for a ride. Not a coaster. SPLASHBLASTER!

It is the SLOWEST line for a ride.1-2 people in only 8 rafts? Yikes.

The line is three switchbacks/mazes/zigzags/whathaveyous that are twenty feet. You go less than one foot a minute. And to make matters worse, you have a nonstop autospiel repeating in English and Spanish. It never stops. Literally.

The queue is hot and it REALLY hurts walking barefoot through it. It's the worst queue ever, because there is absolutely no anticipation. No views of screaming riders. Trucks and cars a riding by and annoying you more than the Spanish.

Does the experience make up for it? In a way. But really, I have never seen a worse line.
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Sunday, July 20, 2003 3:10 PM
1. Splash Mountain of WDW-
Greatly Themed and very Natural Looking

2. Big Thunder Mountain of WDW-
Once again, greatly themed.

3. Daredevil Falls of Dollywood-
Has a really Remote feeling to it that sets the stage for the ride.

4. Space Mountain of WDW-
Has a very eerie feeling to it

5. Loch Ness Monster of BGW-
I like the little Submarine at the Entrance


Sunday, July 20, 2003 3:15 PM
Yes, add Splash Mountain to my list as well. Love the pictures of the individual characters in the hallway before the station. And the entire theme of the queve matching with the ride theme makes it just as much better.

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Sunday, July 20, 2003 3:17 PM
Unfortunately I've never been to IOA, but from pictures and things I've heard about DD's queue it sounds awesome. DT's queue line is pretty cool becaus.....nevermind.

Edit: Forgot the minor detail that I was talking about DD

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Sunday, July 20, 2003 3:17 PM
The worst line I've been in recently has got to be HS:XLC's queue,apparently they must've redone the queue over the past couple of seasons because you no longer stand right next to the launch track & they've added that new system of holding guests at aa set point in line while waiting for the line which is closer to the station to empty out.

The best line I've been in has to be for DZ @ PKD,although the lines appear long they move really fast compared to most others in the entire park.


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