Favorite Knoebels Flats.

I like the Roto Jets, and never miss 'em when I visit. Cosmotron was better back in the day when the ride was the original Caterpillar. Unfortunately, it's been replaced by one of those crappy Wisdom Himalayas, and to me totally not worth it.

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KnoebelsGrandCarousel said:

They usually have to help little kids that are driving the boats and have no idea what they are doing. Even some of the adults have a tough time as those suckers are hard to steer.

Tell me about it. ;)


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KnoebelsGrandCarousel said:
^^Those guys have been there every year since I can remember. I always ride the boats, miss the ones that used to be at Dorney. :(

They usually have to help little kids that are driving the boats and have no idea what they are doing. Even some of the adults have a tough time as those suckers are hard to steer. I've seen as many as 3 boats pass a little kid who didn't know how to steer away from the wall. He finally got out with an employees help.

They will actually jump on the back of the boats sometimes too to stop them from crashing into each other, even going under the bridges on them!

I've always seen them send a guy out from the dock to look for stuck boats, I guess when 5 minutes go by and nobody returns. This is the first I've seen several guys permanently stationed along the route. I saw 2 for sure, there may have been 3. There was one behind the Satellite and one who was sitting on the wall right next to KKurves' first drop. He had his pole with the loop (to slide over the boat's "hood ornament") and hopped onto several boats while I was there. He would hold onto the fence between the canal and the Whip, or even the beam below the coaster to hold the boat back. A few times, he held back a little kid just to let someone older go by. There may have been a 3rd beyond KKurves before the last turn, but I couldn't see that far. I took a few pics on my phone because I was amused by the whole procedure.

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Now I'm regretting not going on those boats. Maybe next time, which may be a while.

My Favorite Knoebels flats are Fandango and Looper! I am pretty scared of the Fliers, but not scared at all of the Sky Lift.

Acoustic Viscosity said:
When I'm on the Skooters, my objective is always to see how many times I can make someone spin around.

The first 'times' I rode the Flyers I thought it was the most thrilling (scariest) 70 cents I had ever spent!

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Got back early this morning from a great trip to Knoebels. It was a little chilly but everything was a walk on or a 1 cycle wait at most. We only did Twister twice and Phoenix 4 times as we spent the day focused on the flats.

The Flyers were simply amazing and the op didn't seem to care if you were snapping. We also got to looper going and going. Last year when we rode it we only got 2 loops for the whole cycle. This time well lets put it this way, I was riding the bench for a few minutes afterwards.

Other flats that we really liked, Carousel, Power Surge, Down Draft, Satellite, Scooters and tiques.

I had an interesting lap on the motor boats. The kid in front of me got his boat 90 degrees to the course at the first turn. Since these don't have breaks, I hit him. Where he was at the attendent couldn't get to him so I pushed my boat back and then hit him again to get him going the right direction. Then the op jumped on my boat and stopped me to let JR get some distance. This didn't help as he rode the entire back side up against the wall.

Unfortunatly we had to leave before the park closed to drive back the 7 1/2 hours to home. With 6 1/2 hour in the park we were able to get almost everything on our list done.

Thanks for all your suggestions and making our trip one to remember.

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My favorites are the log flume, Skooters, the boats, the larger train, antique cars and if it counts the haunted mansion. The only ride I didn't really like was the smaller train in or near the kids area.

edit - didn't read the entire thread before posting, sounds like it was a good trip.

I saw 2 people get stuck on the boat ride when I was there, I was able to drive around them but an op had to help them get back on course.

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Acoustic Viscosity said:
When I'm on the Skooters, my objective is always to see how many times I can make someone spin around. I need to try that on the boats now! :)

I think some of the most violent rides I've ever had was when you, me and Gator were on those things. Remember targeting the girl in the orange striped car?

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I generally end up with sore wrists after those Lusse Skooters - something to do with *launching* myself into the collision. Really need to remember to take my hands off the wheel at the last second... ;)

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I remember before the first time I got on the skooters Matt says something about not scrunching your legs together (don't remember exactly but it had something to do with the position of your legs if you were tall). Then after that first hit, I understood what he meant.

Ask Matt about some of the shots he took from me, hehe, I never laughed so hard in my life after that.

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Skol Vikings
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Note to self. Don't ride Scooters with other CoasterBuzzers.

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If you don't like collisions, I don't recommend KG's skooters at all....most everyone there knows how to hit like it's batting practice... :)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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It's all in the hips.

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Yeah Josh, that was some pretty excellent rides on the Skooters!

Yes. Part of my technique is in thrusting your weight forward at the moment of impact. I never have trouble with hurting my wrists, but I have to be very careful not to bang my knees into the lip of the car body. OUCH!

Just to clarify, the sKooters are the bumper car variety and the sCooters are the flyers. Both are some of the greatest rides on Earth.

Riding bumper cars with a group of experts is what turned me into a bumper car fan. I never "got" 'em until 2006's Lost Coaster Weekend at Indiana Beach. The ERT with my big group of friends was outrageously fun. We didn't even care about the coaster ERT.

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I tried to skillfully avoid all hits at PPP last year. I think RGB made fun of me. :)

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^^Shame is that IB's bumper cars at THAT point in time were *almost* KG-quality. They've since been tamed and now run more like SFMM's... :(

On the plus side, another reason to head back to Elysburg! :)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Since I STILL don't know how to multi-quote messages here---

Au contraire, Carrie. I was rather impressed by your evasive maneuvers.

gator, that and the frozen sweet tea?

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