Fat guy @ cedar point 6/14/16-6/15/16

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As a big guy I looked all over the internet for info about big guys at Cedar Point and couldnt find much.So I thought I'd post info about my trip to help anybody whos worried about "the walk of shame".So heres the story,two months ago i was 305 lbs and I was able to lose 40 lbs in the two months leading up to my trip(no soda,lots of gym time)Long story short @ 6'4"265lbs I was able to ride all the coasters except wicked twister which I diddnt really care about.TTD-had inches to spare,MF- inches to spare,valravn-plenty of extra room!,magnum-inches to spare,Gate keeper-cutting it a little close but not a real struggle,Blue streak-this one was tough,had to really suck in the gut.Raptor-inches to spare.My self and a friend flew from Oregon for 2 days at the park on 6/14 and 6/15 2016.We bought the best fast pass and even though the park wasent that busy it was still worth it(magnum was always 1hr+ wait but for us it was 5min)We only rode Valravn 4 times cause it was ALWAYS down for most of the two days(with out the fast pass we wouldnt of been able to ride at all)Other then Valravn being down it was a great time,we had alot of fun.

I assume you didnt mean to say Magnum was always a 1+ hour wait, right? Did you mean Millennium Force? I was at CP on 6/12 and 6/13 and Magnum was always a walk on...I dont think Magnum ever gets hour long waits anymore, but I could be wrong? Anywho, glad you had a good time and were able to ride pretty much everything you wanted to.

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Congratulations on losing a huge amount of weight through dietary changes. Fitting onto coasters has long been a great motivator for healthy change.

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I'm finding that coasters aren't necessarily my motivation, but they are an excellent metric for judging progress.

For instance, I wanted to see how much I'd lost so I stumbled over to wicked twister, and was able to ride - so I know it's significant. :)

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