Fasntastic Madhouse at Parc Asterix

Announcing a new madhouse as a big attraction won´t get much attention these days.

When I saw these great walk-through pictures of "Le Defi de Cesar", I must say that I was more than impressed!

Parc Asterix, the French park that is build around the very popular (except for North America)cartoon characters who resisted the Roman Empire, has revived the Madhouse-concept with fresh ideas and lots of state-of-the-art-technology.

The visitor is recruited to join Cesars army to finally conquer the small village of the hero rebels. So far so boring! But check out the pictures, I am sure that you can get the story.

The final idea of putting the actual mad-house inside an ancient galley is brilliant and makes great use of the imaginary universe of the cartoons.

The pics are of course one big SPOILER! If you plan to visit the park I would recommend to click the back button now:

I rode the Defi De Cesar a month ago and I have to say this: the preshows are very good and imaginative. But... there is one catch: the main show (mad house itself) is horrifyingly lame! You strangely, without reason are transported to a roman rowing boat and then, its just 3 minutes of spinning around without any sense and seeing Asterix and Obelix on screens. That's it!

People are not happy with the ride, calling it a waste of time and they already voted... At 1 pm, on a busy day, the ride is a walk on while the coasters each got 1-2 hours waits.

It makes me want to learn French to understand the signs. I love the outline of the guy hitting the wall!

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^^^Oh, that´s intersting. On some of the pics you can see Asterix & Obelix approaching the galley and then they seem to spin it around and sink it.

I´guessed that using screens as windows is a great way to enhance the madhouse illusion.

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I'm astounded at how little French I've retained since high school and college.

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I remember a few German phrases from HS. I could get around Germany if I had to.

For example: "Wo ist der Flugplatz?" (Where's the airport?)

"ein kalt beir danka." (A Cold beer please.)

And the most important one: "Wo ist der klogen?" (Where's the bathroom?)

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

"der Klogen"!? In which Germany have you been?
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I graduated in 2001. I'm a bit rusty.

Oh yeah, there's this handy German phrase: Ghen zu hol!

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

I rode Le Defi de Cesar a couple of weeks ago. The preshows were fun and amusing, but the ride itself was just ok I thought. It could've been more forceful IMO. I found Walibi World's to be much more my "speed" and I liked the "sorcerer" theming better for it as well.

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