Farewell, PUSH the talking garbage can

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This isn't really news, but the story is kind of funny. Apparently the talking garbage can at Magic Kingdom didn't have its contract renewed. I don't even know what that means.


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I actually stumbled upon it a couple of times and it was a pretty cute little robot, or whatever you call it. It always seemed to have a crowd of kids around it, so surprising they would get rid of it. There has to be more to the story.

The fun part was trying to find the person controlling it. Usually, within about 20 feet, you could identify a cast member in plain clothes with a small remote in his hand and he would be holding his hand (with hidden mic) to his mouth in a somewhat natural pose. All of the adults would be curiously looking around trying to find the dude while all of the kids were mesmerized by this talking trash can.

I thought it was a neat little show…

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I find it odd that it was contracted out in the first place. It doesn't seem to me that it'd be too hard for the imagineers to make a garbage can with a remote control car motor and speaker inside it.

There used to be something like this at Animal Kingdom, too. A tree or something that would move around and talk to people. Do they still do that?


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I figured it out... he got a job in S. Korea.

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kpjb, that little talking, traveling tree at Animal Kingdom goes by the name of Wes Palm. (I'm not kidding) We were at AK for a little while yesterday and I looked for him, but alas. I spose he was either let go or maybe was on a smoke break.

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