Fantasy Island to reopen as Niagara Amusement Park & Splash World

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Fantasy Island’s new operator is giving the park a brand new name — Niagara Amusement Park & Splash World. IB Parks & Entertainment confirmed the waterpark will reopen this July.

Read more and see video from WIVB/Buffalo.

Where on earth is this “full-ride package” coming from? Fantasy Island had an ok collection of carnival flats, (and by that I mean a lot of them), but as the article mentions they’re gone. I saw a photo somewhere and that major ride portion of the park looked like an empty field.
IB at least had the advantage of a midway that hadn’t budged. There must be a show or a park that’s about to fold or one that is willing to lease pieces to this park. Or he plans to raid the used ride websites, but how many music express rides can he use?
When I was there a few years ago the permanent installations included the woodie and smaller stuff like an antique car ride that had been abandoned. The timeline seems ambitious- maybe the waterpark and the coaster will hold court by themselves until more dry rides can be arranged for.

Anybody else remember that brief time in history when this park was "Two Flags over Niagara"?

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Oh my gosh, I do. I’d all but forgotten about that.
Those were the days of the original Hell Hole.

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RCMAC said:

Where on earth is this “full-ride package” coming from?

Please please please don't close MarineLand! Dragon Mountain is so great!

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