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The gloomy fall weather finally broke, and I picked a beautiful, postcard-picturesque day to attend Fantasilandia. The park is situated next to Movistar Arena in Parque O'Higgins. A short walk from the metro, the ticket office is to the right of the entrance gates.
Because it was football sunday it was a light attendance crowd. I took advantage of the light crowd to walk around and take pictures. As I wandered I was delighted to be followed around by large speakers playing '80s music from groups such as Talk Talk, The Cars, and, of course, Michael Jackson. The lush lanscape and family feel of the park immediately made me label this park as the KNOEBELS OF CHILE.
I had a headache and decided the first coaster to be ridden would be Raptor - The Vekoma inverted. I may as well start with a bang, literally. I waited 25 minutes which would be the longest and only wait of the day.
Immediately following Raptor I rode the Wild Mouse. To my surprise it ended up being a spinning wild mouse.
I toke a break from coasters and jumped on the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. This proved to be a smooth move because it was inoperative soon after I rode it.
After Pirates I took on the classic boomerang coaster known as Boomerang. I was in harmony as
I loaded the train rocking out to Van Halens' "Love Comes Walking In". It was here that I expreienced the highlight of this trip report.
Being the good park patron and enthusiast by example that I am, I promptly put my purse on the side of the loading station. The employee who checked my harness held up my purse, looked at my seatmate and I, and yelled something in spanish. I raised my hand and gestured it was my purse, and gestured to put the purse aside. The employee saidnsomething in spanish to my seatmate. My seatmate replied to the employee in spanish. The employee the grabbed my right leg and began wrapping my purse around my leg. I laughed hysterically all the way up the lift (which very much worried my seatmate) and declared that I love Chile.
After the leg wrapping purse Boomerang I rode the Galaxy coaster. My seatmates were a woman with her two children. The mother was reciting the Rosary on the lift hill, and I began to wonder if she knew something I did not. The Galaxy coaster ended up being my favorite Galaxy of all time. The seats were very comfortable and the track was smooth.
I saved the Disko and Dragon for last. Standard Disko, and Standard Dragon coaster.
I left the park just in time to fight the incoming concert foot traffic to the arena. It turns out, the band that is staying in my hotel, Anthrax, is playing there.
Overall the park is my fourth favorite park. I rank it fourth because of the overwhelimg Knoebels theme and feel it had. It is fall, and with the turning leaves, loud music, and wonderful picnic food I felt I had a mini Phunfest. That should last me until October. Coaster season here has ended. Looking Forward to getting back to the states where coaster season is startting! See you at Dollywood.
-Chilly in Chile, Reagen

Reagen Pocsik

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Nice TR. I like hearing about parks that aren't visited as much... at least not by the people here.


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Awesome trip report. Unfortunately the park was closed when I went to Santiago. . . . I totally forgot the seasons in South America are flipped (and the toilets spin in the opposite direction :-)...)

I'm not sure I'd really call it Knoebels... no wood coaster, a SLC, and a Boomerang?

Anyhow the photos I took when I was there are here:

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