Family vacation Massachusetts to New Jersey Part 1 – Six Flags New England/Lake Compounce

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We started off the vacation at Six Flags New England. We got there at 9:30 am with the park opening for 10am. As my wife and 6 year old daughter and I were standing at the gate, Flash and a Six Flags employee came up to us and asked if we were excited about our day at Six Flags. Flash asked us if we would want to be Family of the day. Well of course we said yes. We helped open up the park, got free lunch,received a free Flash pass to use for the day(which we didn’t need) and got to be in the 45th anniversary celebration parade. We sat on the parade trolley with tweety,Sylvester,and daffy duck. My daughter was tickled pink and its something she will probably never forget.

So we shot off the confetti to open the park and the ropes drop. We follow the mob to Superman Ride of Steel. I last rode it back in 2003 before the accident so I have yet to experience it with the new restraint. I end up getting the second train out in the front seat. The revamped lap bar does not ruin the ride at all. Superman is just as good as before with massive amounts of airtime and still with out a doubt my favorite steel coaster. I ended up riding it 5 times.

One of many good things about having a kid is getting the Jr coaster credits so off we went to ride the Great Chase. My daughter of course wanted to marathon it so of course I kept her company. Lost count how many times we rode it. A good little kiddie coaster.

We then headed over to Mr Six’s Pandemonium and Cyclone. Pandemonium was a pretty fun spinning coaster much like the one at Worlds of fun and Mall of America. Cyclone was just OK. A little rough in some spots. I didn’t ride it anywhere but the very front seat.

Now it was time to use our Lunch vouchers. The wife and daughter each got a grilled chicken salad and I got a BBQ pork sandwich with a mound of fries that we couldn’t even finish. Total price for everything including drinks would have been about $40. Thank god for the vouchers.

After lunch we headed over to Thunderbolt. Waited about 30 minutes because they were having problems with a seat belt coming apart. I think the thunderbolt is a nice wooden coaster.

Rode Superman again then headed over to Poison Ivy’s twisted train. My daughter is only 46” so she was able to ride this one. She loved it and the marathon riding began again. I couldn’t keep up with her. My wife in the mean time sat on a park bench and watched me chase after my daughter for about 30 minutes on and off of Poison Ivy.

After finally convincing the little coaster enthusiast to leave Poison Ivy, we headed over to Batman the Dark Knight skipping Serial Thriller. I hate Vekoma hang and bangs and already got the credit a few years ago so I didn’t feel the need to torture myself. Batman seemed to be taking forever. Only running one train. This is the one time I should have used the flash pass. After about a 30 minute wait I rode the back row. This is a nice floorless coaster that you never hear about. Got to ride this one in the rain.

We then had to meet by the water park for the parade. My daughter got to visit all the looney tunes characters,Scooby doo, and the justice league heros while we waited to board the trolley. During the parade she had a grin from ear to ear and waved the entire time like she was a princess. It was the cutest thing.

After the parade I rode Superman again and we decided to head out for the day.

The next day we spent half a day at the Yankee Candle stores in South Deerfield,Mass and then headed over to Lake Compounce in the afternoon. When we arrived at Lake Compounce we of course stopped in the kids section.

My daughter wanted to ride the kiddie coaster and didn’t want to ride it alone so she dragged me on it kicking and screaming. Cha Ching, another credit.

Zoomerang was closed last time I visited Lake Compounce so got the credit on the vekoma boomerang.

The pepsi addict wife was getting happier with every free pepsi so I headed off to Boulder Dash. One train operation with a 30 minute or less wait. Rode in the front car. One of my favorite wooden coaster. The airtime and the placement on the side of the hill really make this a great coaster. The ride op asked me if I was staying for the wedding and ERT that I didn’t know about. Of course I didn’t know the couple that got married so I didn’t impose.

Went and rode Wildcat. A few pops of airtime. Nice little woodie.

We went to go ride the ski life up the mountain but my daughter wasn’t big enough to ride it so instead I took the opportunity to take pictures of Boulder Dash.

By now its getting windy and chilly so the better half wanted to go back to the hotel so I ran over real quick to ride one more time on Boulder Dash. Somebody decides to lose their dinner in the train so I had to wait about 20 minutes for them to clean it out and run it around the course a few times to dry out. Rode in the back seat. I like the front car much better. I think you get more airtime up there.

On the way out we ate some deep fried oreos and washed it down with some more free pepsi. It’s a wonder the kid went to sleep that night with all the free pop. That about completes our first couple days of the vacation. Next up Coney Island, New York City, and Playland *** Edited 6/23/2006 5:17:25 PM UTC by MR LEGEND***

Wow, you got really lucky with being the family of the day. I never knew they did this. Your daughter will have a lifetime memory. Some people have said the've had bad experiences at SFNE. Maybe with the new policies they have now, it will be a pleasant experience for all.
I never knew they picked a family of the day either. I have been to numerous Six flags parks and have never seen that. It was a great experience and one that made for a more enjoyable day for us. It was pretty cool. *** Edited 6/23/2006 5:25:40 PM UTC by MR LEGEND***

Top 5 Wooden Coasters 1. Voyage 2. El Toro 3. Avalanche 4. Boulder Dash 5. Shivering Timbers

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