Family Trip to Myrtle Beach Pavillion, Wednesday,

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Sunday, August 3, 2003 6:13 AM

Unfortunaltey, we couldn't make it to Family Kingdom this year, but we go to the Pavillion no matter what every year so my grandparents, younger cousin (9), my aunt, and I left our beachouse at around 5:00 PM.

We arrived between 5:30 and 6:00. I must say that every time I look at this park, I'm hypnotized. The lights and the overall feel of the park is incredible. Also, the FREE admission is a major plus. After getting my cousin's and my hand stamped we embarked into the park.


Top Spin (Huss): 10/10, I LOVE THIS RIDE! I've had a go on it every year, but every time I see it, it amazes me. Great ride! Best Part: The whole ride, Worst: the painful restraints.

Mad Mouse: 7/10, This is my cousins favorite. I do like this Arrow mouse, but I prefer Mack mice much better. Best: Trick Track, Worst: none.

Hurricane: 7.5/10, Ah yes the mighty mighty Hurricane. This ride has alot of potential, given some TLC and maybe some PTC's, this could be a Top Ten ride, for now, its....mediocre. Best: First Drop, Worst: Second Helix.

Haunted Mansion: 9/10, This ride is great, while a little on the corny side, I love it. It did break down while we were inside, TWICE. Nothing compared to last year when it broke down leaving us inside for 10 min., then they escorted us out, thats right, we walked through, pretty cool. Best: Leg of guest Worst: the breakdown


We got food at the stand across from the Calypso, the pizza was average but the highlight was the funnel cake, FANTASTIC!, best funnel cake I've ever had.

Other Rides:

We also rode the Tilt-a-whirl, great ride, the Pirate, pretty average swinging ship, The Enterprise, better than the Screamweaver at Carowinds, The Scrambler, slow/boring, the Calypso, INSANE!, and The Rainbow, slow/boring, and the Wipeout, nice ride.


Service: The employees were... slow, at best. Many doing spiels could barely speak English so it was extremly hard to understand them, I think an automated spiel, which was used on some of the rides, should be used for all of them.

Look: I love the look of this park, but I did notice that many lights were out on some of the rides, thats pretty much the only complaint.

OVERALL: I give the park a 7/10, for poor service mainly. I still love the look of the park, Many of the rides are fantastic.

Let's just say....the birds will be jealous.


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