Family claims to have been stranded on Ferris Wheel after UK park closed

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Darren Riggs-Long, his wife Lynzie and their three children were terrified when they became stuck more than 50ft in the air on the Big Wheel ride at Adventure Island. Staff had begun to shut down the park - apparently unaware the family were stranded in the top carriage as they turned the lights off and prepared to close for the night. Adventure Island denied the family were stuck for any longer than three minutes and said a member of staff was with them at all times.

Read more and see video from The Mirror.

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My wife and son (2 or 3 at the time) were near the top of a giant inflatable obstacle thingy at an indoor bounce house facility when the place started shutting down. The thing started to deflate and collapse in on them, which to me is a bit more traumatizing than being stuck at the top of a non-moving enclosed vehicle for 3 minutes.

Apparently she could have gotten her mug in the "news," too, but she didn't--and wouldn't--think of doing something as asinine as that.

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How has your family been able to deal with this serious trauma?

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Probably why he turned to the dark side.


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They wake up from frequent nightmares about a bounce house.

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