Family Assualts White Rabbit, now tries to sue?

This incident reminds me a lot of an unfortunate situation my old girlfriend was in back in the early 90's ( 1983 ).

At the time she was working part time at a local FOX TV station in promotions. Part of her job was to dress up as one of The Simpsons and visit grand openings of various business, kid events, high school football games, carnivals....anyway at a grand opening of a Circuit City store she dressed up in a Marge Simpson suit and while walking up and down the shopping center two teenage boys approached her saying stuff like "...Hey any from Homer lately ?? " "...hey I think Mr. Burns is hot don't you ??". Silly Stuff !! Out of the blue one of those boys had slammed his fist into Marge Simpson's "mouth"...unfortunately that was the place in the suit my girlfriend could see. The force was so big that her eyeglasses were totally busted and she ended up with two black eyes. After the force of the punch made her unable to see, my girlfriend (still in the Marge suit ) fell backwards onto the other teen who had a cup of hot cocoa with him.

Parents of the teens saw the whole thing, filed a lawsuit not against the TV station but rather against my girlfriend instead. Her father offered them a big settlement but NO the family wanted to go to court. Result...they won and her wages were garnished. The irony of this is that at the time in West Virginia ( may still be the case now..not sure ) thanks to "employment at will" one can be fired from their job for having their wages attached for any reason and thats what happened. She was fired !!..Between that, heading off to college for four years and then later becoming disabled as a result of a car accident.....the family who sued didn't get much very much money from her.

1983 was in the early 90's ? Hmm.

I don't know much about legal matters, but that really sucks that they were able to sue her. Just ain't right

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Chriscub, that is just awful. What is wrong with people? I know I've said that a million times, but seriously? Where do people get these ideas that what they're doing is somehow justified? Blech, blech, blech...makes me feel kind of sick.

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Maybe I missed something, but why were they allowed to sue your girlfriend?

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She apparently wasn't courteous when she fell after being hit. Did you mean 1993? The simpsons weren't even on in 1983.

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I think it was the hot cocoa spilled onto the teen, resulting in burns. Did I guess correctly?

This story somehow sounds far fetched to me, by the way, but I'm not going to say it is completely untrue.

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I'll call BS if you want.

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What does a company care if an employee is having their wages garnished? It's not like they suddenly have to pay the employee more to make up for it.


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