Family alleges harassment by actor at Six Flags Over Georgia

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McKenzy Hurt said her son and daughter walked up to a man on stilts because they were interested in the tricks he was doing with a rope. Hurt said the man roped in the kids and made a disparaging and potentially racist remark about siblings getting married in Georgia.

Read more from WXIA/Atlanta.

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This reminds me of the HHN incident from 2014 that spawned one of my all-time favorite threads on this forum. I think the lesson to be drawn from both of these is that the dynamic changes when you turn the audience from spectators into participants. It's one thing to watch two actors hurl misogynist, racist, etc. insults at each other, but it's something else when the insults are directed at me, even if it's all fiction and part of the performance. I know there are some who would argue that there's really no difference, and that being a part of the audience involves some level of participation, and I don't know that I necessarily disagree, but from the park's perspective, better to direct all the nasty dialog at your fellow performers and keep the interactions with the guests as mild as possible, especially when kids are involved.

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My all time favorite post:

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When you start saying things related to ones' identity, you're on dangerous ground. It's even worse when it's someone whose identity has been the source of discrimination or scorn.

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^^ Beat me to it. Touche.

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Is what he said supposed to be funny? Get with the program, Georgians. We are better than this.

And then there was the report of rope burns on top of it. The family isn't suing, but if they did, I'm sure they would win their case. It's crazy that it wasn't taken care of after receiving the very first complaint.

Dude don't dig up that HHN thread. In today's crazy world a bunch of us would be canceled if that gets out.

Having said that, I just re-read the entire thread. Ah, memories...

But then again, what do I know?

First, Medina Matt loses on Jeopardy (to John C. Reilly). And now the HHN thread gets dug back up. Ready for this week to be over (and its only Weds morning).

The fact that a guest services manager said this kind of thing happens all the time "especially to Black and Asian kids" really indicates some pretty deep issues here. What other (probably) racially motivated incidents have happened that *didn't* get covered with a news story?

Also, he joked that he was SELLING A BLACK GIRL FOR A DOLLAR. What the hell.

I absolutely hate this because SFoG is one of my favorite parks and I really hoped they were better than that down there.

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Apparently I live in a very sheltered world and am very naïve. How does anyone say "happened all the time, especially to Black and Asian kids."?

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