Faller Power Tower


Has anyone built the Faller Power Tower the control board says 16v ac and the instructions say 16vdc

The first one burnt up they sent me a replacement and that one did also what is going on

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Hmm...it lists both AC and DC? What a dirty deed. I'd call them up and tell them to take a highway to Hell...which I guess ain't a bad place to be, because I tried that once and got shot down in flames...with a big gun, yet. That took some big balls.

Anyway, keep a stiff upper lip, and if you figure it out, make sure to have a drink on me.

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Worst. Tech support. Ever.

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Yes I did contact them and told them there is a conflict between the board AC and the instructions saying DC

They told me AC they are sending another controller I am going to give dc a shot if that burns up i will

be drinking thanks for a reply ill post if i get the new controller to work or not

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Perhaps the box was mislabeled and you accidentally purchased a Frequent Failer.... ?

Good luck!

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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I'm actually thinking about buying a Faller Power Tower for my backyard picnics next summer. I already have a train, carousel, Dragon Wagon, and a Huss Giant Frisbee for my family to ride when we cook outside on the grill. I'm glad you started this topic. Now I will know whatever it is that we are discussing here when I buy one.

...Or something.

"Only on CoasterBuzz!"

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Now I kind of want one.

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I'm sure if your neighbors can have chickens, you can have a Power Tower.

Geez, I've been buying Faller models since the 1960's. All of their gearmotors and water pumps have been AC as far back as I can remember.http://www.faller.de/App/WebObjects/XSeMIPS.woa/cms/page/pid.14.17....motor.html Apparently they are now using some DC gearmotors http://www.faller.de/App/WebObjects/XSeMIPS.woa/cms/page/pid.14.17....-gear.html

I think the Faller models are awesome and so realistic. Years ago I bought a Skywheel thinking it would be fun to put together and have. It wasn't.

I guess I don't have the modeler's gene.
(Or the model's gene, for that matter.)

Edit: now that I think about it, my Skywheel was an IHC model, not a Faller.

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You know, there's a couple of fair ride simulator games out there, but none of the, really include a drop ride. I would pay money to be able to have a "model" drop ride on my iPad that I could control, and press he button to make it fall. Don't know why that seems like so much fun.

I'd also play with a simulated sky wheel

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I have this, and it's one of my favorite things ever.


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Oh. It's a model. Not a full-sized thing. I'm a jerk, but I don't think any of you noticed.

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