Fall Affair related: I64 bridge closed in Louisville

Just a headsup - the I64 bridge over the Ohio River in Louisville has been closed due to structural issues. It's likely not going to be open by Sat, so anyone coming from the east will need to use 65N to 265 in Indiana, back to 64. Fortunately this is a Saturday so no weekday rush hour, but still may want to allow for extra time. The entire city is down to just I65 and US31 for river crossings (plus some emergency ferry they just started...).

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Reports from locals say it adds an extra 20 minutes to their commute across the river.

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Thanks for the heads up, that's the way I usually go.

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They have been doing construction on I71 south from the I264 merge on weekends too, it's down to one lane almost to downtown Louisville, in the afternoon and evenings its causing about an 20 minute delay sometimes. But I65 through there isn't too bad on the weekends just slow moving.

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That's the suck. I'm flying in and out of Louisville, including out at the ass-crack of dawn. This means I need to get up even earlier!

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It shouldn't be too bad at the ass-crack, also coming from the airport is one of the better routes, if there is a wreck you can always get off downtown, and take the 2nd street bridge over, and then work your way back over to I64 via side roads through Clarksville and New Albany, or get back on to the I65-I265 detour.

Too bad I have to stop in Cincinnati otherwise I'd cut across Indiana and avoid crossing the river at all! Is it me, or does it seem very strange that Louisville has only three roads crossing the river, and two of those are Interstates?

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It's leaving Santa Claus for the airport early Sunday that's already going to suck. And I don't have my Fastpass (Simon) for the TSA line, which is super slow at that airport.

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The last time I visited HW (2006) I decided to fly into Evansville, Indiana instead of Louisville. The Airfare was $30.00 more, but the Rental Cars were $80.00 Cheaper, and I got a Free Ticket when one of the flights got overbooked! :)

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