Fall Affair 2010

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Since no one else has posted their TR, I thought I'd post mine.

Having gone to the Fall Affair before, we didn't feel the need to make it a full day at the park. We arrived around 1:45pm or so, which was plenty of time to make the rounds prior to dinner. I'm not a huge waterpark fan, but it definitely lightened the crowds until about 4:30pm.

I don't "get" Pilgrims Plunge. Everything about it seemed a little quirky. It is WAY out there in the Thanksgiving section, the entrance seemed confusing, and the geysers were so weak they weren't worth using. The queue has the largest ceiling fan I have ever seen (awesome!) but routes people over the trough into a very un-ventilated corner of the station building. Then to get on the ride, you have to sort of move it down the platform while the boat is moving. It just didn't seem quite engineered right. Splash is still unimpressive. I guess it does have that element of surprise though. Who expects to get the most wet 'after' the boat slows down?

I saw they changed the sleeping cat in the Gobbler's Getaway queue at some point. Apparently the old lady pet the other one to death, or maybe the turkeys got him.

Dinner seemed to be as crowded as it was in '05 for the first Fall Affair. That was the first event after the Stark Raven Mad hiatus. Glad to see so many folks there. I thought it was funny that you needed your meal ticket to get fudge, but not for pizza or anything else. The guy taking the tickets was very protective. I'm guessing fudge guardian is somewhat low on the job totem pole. Pizza was delicious.

I was glad to see Mrs. Koch hold it together when talking briefly about Will's passing. Again reminded me of '05 when she also got emotional when alluding to SRM '03. Holiday World could use a long break from adversity. They certainly handle it like champions though.

ERT was fantastic as always. Raven was running the best of the 3. Kudos to those of you who can ride Voyage over and over without breaks, because I certainly can't. It's one of the few rides that I enjoy more during the day. Even after a dozen rides or so in 4 years, I still can't ride at night without getting "tossed around". I thought the blue train was running better, but I didn't pay attention to which seats I used in each train.

Another great event in the books. Looking forward to BooBuzz Friday night edition.

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