falcons fury

I went to Bush gardens today anticipating to ride falcons fury which for I understand opened 2 days ago. I was upset to find out it was closed again. Does anyone know why this is.

Did you ask somebody while you were actually at the park?

P.S. call ahead.

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It's an Intamin. I only ask what the problem is when it's running.

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dan farella said:

I went to Bush gardens today

Multiple entendre...

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I had not heard anything about it opening.

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^Wow, my FB feed had several mentions over the last few days from friends having ridden.

After Vater's post, I want to rename Falcon's Fury....Rumsfeld's Rage.

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I clearly don't have many friends in Florida. :)

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Perhaps Intamin is the WMD that Bush has been looking for all of these years.

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It's been in soft opening and media/shooting stages, but it's definitely not officially open yet.

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