Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says she's not interested in Disney chief job

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Sheryl Sandberg said she isn’t interested in the CEO post at Walt Disney Co., throwing cold water on speculation that the Facebook Inc. executive is a frontrunner for the position. Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, said she’s happy in her current position.

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The size and scope of Disney makes it hard to figure out what kind of person goes in that job. I noticed after hearing an author talk about executive personality types that they tend to be great visionaries or great operators, but rarely both. I wonder where Iger falls on that spectrum, because the company has seen incredible growth on his watch. It's certainly made mistakes (like the overspend on NGE), but mostly the company gets it right. There's something to be said for that when so much of the product is art, and often pretty good art.

Sandberg is an interesting personality, but I don't understand what her role in Facebook's success has been. Zuckerberg strikes me as one of the rare visionaries who is also a solid operator.

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We were at Disneyland on Monday. We dropped $140 at the Blue Bayou waving at the Pirate boats floating by when I noticed that my son was wearing his Oswald shirt from a couple visits back, my wife had her Star Wars Shirt on, and I was rocking my Battlebots shirt. Disney has our number (i.e., has our money).

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