Fabio says 1999 cuts on Apollo's Chariot caused by camera shattered by goose

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From the article:

As the coaster did turns and flips at high speeds, one of “hundreds” of estimated geese “got sucked in.” The doomed bird actually hit a video camera, which then broke into many pieces. One such piece cut Fabio on the bridge of his nose and “because then it was all the rest of the ride after I was cut upside down, of course, the blood rushes to your head,” he said.

Read more from Vanity Fair.

Methinks his memory isn’t what it used to be…

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I can't believe it's not butter.

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I give him credit for not giving in to the lawyers and bringing a lawsuit against the park.

He probably could have made some sort of case about it hurting his modeling career earnings if he had a scar.

While we all know the coaster doesn't have all the inversions he mentioned to make the blood rush to his head. The head just bleeds no matter how big or small the cut is sometimes.

I am kind of disappointed to hear the bird hit a camera directly and not his face though. I liked the other story better.

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