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I recently visited California's Great America, where they have a 3 Point Challenge game. I know they also have this game at many Cedar Fair parks. I know at Cedar Point, this game costs $5 for 40 seconds, and 12 shots.

I snapped a picture of CGA's 3 Point Challenge:

Same setup here - 12 shots, and 40 seconds, same prize categories... but TWICE the price. Can anyone explain this one?

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The only thing I can tell based on the only phto here is that the smaller level prizes appear to be bigger. That is the only thing I can say is, becasue the photo is the only thing I saw form this one, and noted the prize in the background.

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IIRC belive Cedar Point also raised it a while ago to $10.

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Why not? At $5, there is a continuous line of suckers, er, contestants. May as well raise the price, 'cause the peeps keep playing.

It's California, and even carnivals have higher prices than in other states.
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Californians are rich. Just ask Moosh. ;)

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I could swear Cedar Point's 3 Point Challenges were $5 this summer. I couldn't find any pictures though. Just seems like a lot of money. Since the game is new at the park, I think it would draw a lot more people, if the price was lower, judging from how busy the game was. Then in a year or so, raise the price.
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If the game is busy, you raise the price, not lower it. Supply and demand...

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