Expedition GeForce Layout

Wednesday, December 5, 2001 11:37 AM
Anyone know where I can see the layout for Expedition GeForce?

The legend lives!

Wednesday, December 5, 2001 12:14 PM
Go to ThrillNetwork and go into the forums.  In one of the forums, there's a thread entitled "Fave Coaster Pictures".  In that, someone has a pic of 3 images put into one showing the entire layout.  Looks pretty sweet.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2001 12:16 PM
Um... I know i've seen one before... try going to an AOL or MSN search and type in "Expediton GeFOrce pictures" and  I tihnk there's a site that has a lot of photos so that you can get a pretty good idea... the train goes up and drops while truning to the right 45degrees, then makes a ground-hugging left turn, then into a hill or two, then an overbanked turn, then a strange 270 degree hill/helix, then nother helix, then some bunny hills along the rest of the ride back to the station.
Wednesday, December 5, 2001 1:04 PM
I am the person that posted the pic of G Force on Thrillnetwork. I have put the photo on my website. I will leave it up for about a week.


Hope it works.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2001 1:40 PM
That picture brings back good memories.
Wednesday, December 5, 2001 10:13 PM
That ride looks so awesome.
Thursday, December 6, 2001 12:34 PM
Great picture(s)... i wanna go!!!:(

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