Executives seek funding for giant new Atlanta theme park

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Investors are trying to raise funds for a new Atlanta area park they'll call Transpo USA. They have been pursuing this dream since 1991 and are raising money. This $500 million venture would include a golf course, hotel, rides and a daily air shows.

Read more from The Atlanta Business Chronicle.

I wish this would happen in Houston. Those of you who know, KNOW.

I wish Atlanta the best in this endeavour.

It will not rival Disney World, as it has no Mouse.  Look at the 2 parks at Universal Florida, and although I prefer them greatly to the 4 parks at WDW, they can not compete in annual attendance.  *** This post was edited by Brad on 8/31/2001. ***
sounds great.  I wish that Chicago would get another theme park.  Kiddyland and Sants's Village just don't provide the competition that Great America needs to excell.  come to think of it, all parks need competition.  after all, competition breeds innovation(which is why Vince McMahon should have never even considered buying WCW).
Knott's Berry Farm Cuba ~South Park
Speaking of Vince McMahon, wouldn't it be cool if there was a WWF theme park? Imagine what kind of dark rides you'd have with a Kane and Undertaker theme as well as a European themed area coinciding with the European title, arenas for televised events and performances, and think of the titles for the coasters: a hyper coaster called Big Show, a wild mouse called Edge, an unnecessarily brutal coaster called Sgt. Slaughter, a racing coaster called Brothers of Destruction. The possibilities are endless! Just imagine, finally the WWF has come back to coasterbuzz!

Aside from that, the more amusement parks and rides we can go to, the better! :)

The worlds steepest drop on a wooden coaster, call it the "3-D"?  The names for the coasters could be endless.  Flying coaster, "Superfly." etc. etc. etc. :)
I love Georgia, especially all it has to offer (SFOG and the Coca Cola Bottling Comapny). If the exec's want to build another theme park, I say go right ahead (if you can, that is). Competition between SFOG and this new park would be good.
Let's see.  They have so far raised $275,000.  Now all they need to do is raise another $499,725,000.  Have you noticed that the theme parks that succeed raise money quitely and suddenly spring on the scene.  The ones that drag on for years with a lot of publicity seem to never happen.  Hope I'm wrong, but that seems to be the case.
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I myself would love to take a ride on a magnetically propelled train. But I think they may have a difficult time making a go of it. I wish them luck though. More rollercoasters can't be bad!
Yeeee Haaawwww! *** This post was edited by janfrederick on 8/31/2001. ***
Best of luck to them with there new amusement park. I think

Jim Fisher has the right idea. It does make sense, look at the "Land of Oz".

Got a problem with RWB? you've got a problem with me! Rollercoasters are the secret of life!

I wish someone would build something like that to give Carowinds a kick in the butt and a desire to be "big time" Theres been a couple of proposals over the years to do something with the old PTL(Heritage USA) property but nothing has ever happened

As for a wrestling themed park I'm working on an rct park I'm calling Wrestlemania.
Some of the rides I've come up with are Andre the Giant (hyper) Kurt Angle's Olympic Slam(multi-looper like olympia Looping Bahn) Hardcore:the Ride(looper)
there is also a Mick Foley area and of course the Rock (Know your role blvd. & Jabroni dr. car rides and Smackdown Hotel ghost train)

I hope the park gets built, it sounds cool.

As far as wrestling goes, that park would need to be rethemed every 5-10 years. The names and wrestlers go out of style. For example, does anyone remember The Smokin Guns, The Bushwackers, or Dink and Doink? My point exactly.

I remember them! 

They are all memorable characters.

Some wrestlers really do have some good names that would work for rollercoasters though.  

this park does not seem like a thrill seaker park, it sounds like a a familly park that might get two good coasters ,kinda like IOA
More Parks can't be a bad thing. From the sounds of it this will start out mainly as a resort then once it gets going get into bigger and better thrill rides and such. This is the way to go if they want to make money and have this idea succed. Good Luck to them.

"Roller Coaster favorite ride , let me kiss you one last time" Blink 182

As I have said earlier, it would be nice to see competition, if funds allow, but when thinking of ludicrous ideas such as having a wrestling - themed amusement park, that takes the cake. If Georgia was to include another park to its resume, I would personally think that it should do something like California Adventure - a park themed about the state. Although I enjoy the wrestling idea (however ludicrous as it is), I seriously wouldn't think that it would survive a couple of years in operation.
Why can't somebody build a flippin' theme park in Arizona? Everyone is talking about having competition for their parks and I don't even get A home park.  It is rediculous, the closest competition is 7 hours away from here! I would gladly settle for a small independent theme park with some good rides and only a few coasters.
About the wrestling themed park, Brothers of Destruction should be a duel Impulse coaster. Make it like V2 execpt wrap the two towers around one another. On the oppsite end, do something really uniqune and scary (something to make each coaster different).  Build a B&M hyper and name it the Hulkster (the biggest star ever in wrestling history.) Put that ride into the Eighties wrestling area. You can go crazy naming rides, X Factor, Swantom Bomb, The Stunner, The Game. Love the idea about the Rock.
Heres my WWF theme park ....WWF World

"Brahma Bull" ( the Rock )- B&M Hyper - 275 Ft.

"Big Red Machine" ( Kane )-Intamin Impulse-195 Ft.

"Last Ride"( Undertaker ) - CCI wooden - 165 Ft.

"The Stunner" ( Austin ) - B&M Floorless - 150 Ft.

"Y2J" (Jericho) - B&M Inverted - 137 Ft.

thats my WWF theme park...


I agree 100%! It seems everyone here would rather spend the day on the fairway than visit an amusement park. The median age of our (AZ) population tends to be higher than that of other states, or so I'm told; therefore, even a small park may not be feasible. Look at C-n-C. The ONLY wait I have ever had on Desert Storm is when they don't have the 14 or 15 riders required to run the coaster. It seems like everyone would rather play the miniature golf courses than ride the rides. Pretty sad, huh?

Tucson, AZ

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