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Hello everyone!

I have been absent from CB for a long period of time, and I thought it would be a rather relaxing and refreshing break to return back to one of my favorite hobbies. What way to get back into the swing of things than firing up a new topic?

There is a carnival taking place in my hometown this weekend with all sorts of rides. Rides ranging from smalls swings for toddlers, to the zipper for most teens and adults. I'm really interested in reading some replies on good carnival rides, furthermore rides that I have never seen but maybe you have. What sort of carnival rides could I possibly see if I was to travel to events across the United States?

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When it comes to carnival rides, I have always felt that the very small carnivals ( such as the ones at local fire companies or in very very small towns ) were the most interesting. Talking about the ones which feature the old school rides like the scramber, tribant, octopus, tilt-a-whirl, ferris wheel etc...To me they are more exciting than the current crop of newer rides ( newer as in 1990 onward ) such as the "ring of fire" loop ride or those drop towers.

I have been to many carnivals in West Virginia and while most of them were the same ( the old school rides ) I swear some of those rides have got to be at 40 maybe 50 years old if not older. For many years there was a small firehouse located some 30 miles south of Keyser,WV not far from Romney.This place had their own collection of rides such as a full sized ferris wheel, octopus, scrambler, swings, merry-go-round and a few kiddie rides..all set up and ready to go behind that firehouse..however they only ranthe rides for two weekends per year. At least that was the case for many years until the early 80's. In 2002 I drove by that firehouse one day and those rides were still sitting there just rusting away. By 2004 however those rides were gone and that small firehouse was closed. Sadly I have no idea whatever became of those classic rides.

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^That's a pretty cool anecdote! Nice little slice of Americana. Too bad it's gone.

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