Exactly how do I do WOF?

Been countless weekends this season and am going this Friday. However no matter how we do the park it always seems to end up being long lines. What we usually would do is head to Patriot then to Mamba (granted Mamba never has lines longer than 10 min.). Then we come to the water rides which the raft ride is up to 45 minutes on a hot day. We head over to Spinning Dragons then, which is about 30 min. I can't see a way that works out without putting Patriot directly first... anyone know an excellent way to do WOF? Most seasons it has been alright but no luck this season.
I can't give you any advice on how to handle crowds at WoF.

I will say that if your longest wait of the day is 45 min for the rafts, it doesn't sound like a problem.

I don't know what WoF's numbers are looking like this year vs. the previous years, BUT with a large coaster being put in this year you'd have to expect larger crowds. Larger crowds bode well for future rides. So I'd say just grin and bear it.

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My advice would be to start with the low-capacity coasters first: Spinning Dragons and Boomerang.
I'd head for Zambezi Zinger first... wait, never mind.


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I'd say go on a weekday. Seriosuly, I've been a few times this season and haven't seen a queue longer then 10mins for anything except Timberwolf (purely because it seems to always open late and has one train running when I'm there). First time I went this season (first time ever) me and my friend arrived at about 3pm and got all the water and thrill rides done, minus maybe one or two flats by about 7 or 8pm, and thats with allot of re-rides mixed in too.

Apart from that the blanket advice from Mamoosh (IE the advice that works anywhere; low capacity first) is pretty much on the money. The only ride I've seen with a long queue when I went has been Spinning Dragons, so knock that and the water rides (Typhoon and rapids ride) out early, and you'll be at the right end of the park to check out Boomerang.

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...haven't seen a queue longer then 10mins for anything except Timberwolf (purely because it seems to always open late and has one train running when I'm there).

Not to mention the coaster is a pile of steaming carp.

RE Spinning Dragons: make sure the car is as off-balance as possible. If you're with a friend DO NOT sit on opposite sides...sit next to each other on the same side.

While it is a steaming pile of crap (Timber Crap?) its the second longest line in the park behind Spinning Dragons. Totally echo the off-balance thing though. When I was there part of the reason the line was long was because the ops were letting two people ride on their own. Really was starting to get pissed with it till me an my friend rode together and spun like crazy (me and my friend are both in the 200' range).

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Weekdays aren't options... I have work... I do have this Friday off though and that is when I'm going. And I have already ridden TimberCrap this season, and I'm not planning on doing it again.
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LOL Austin...sometimes when a coaster is bad you want to give it a second chance. When Bass and I rode TimberCrap in June one ride was enough ;)
You see Moosh... I gave Zonga a second chance. I gave Colossus a second chance. I even might've given Psyclone an second chance (wait... nope). But Timberwolf just doesn't deserve it... it seems like each year they start retracking it more.. the ride just gets worse...
This is the first year that they've started retracking it in a long time and most of the work has been structural up to this point.

I've heard that a lot of work is still ahead so you might want to give it another shot next year.

I Love getting my butt kicked on timbercarp Moosh! HaHa. I ride it once per visit No matter how bad it may seem. The 2 times I have been down there this season if you don't mind not sitting up front on Patriot, about the 4th row and back were either walk ons or one train wait. Mamba is the one Coaster there I don't ride every trip and thats because It's a one hit wonder. I only ride it if someone I'm with wants to. I'm heading back down there here in August sometime as well probably wait til school starts and go during the week. Why is it Spinning Dragons the only ride I have ever been forced to take my glasses off? Patriot they just said you might want to and since I'm blind as a bat I chose to take the chance and wear them. None of the other rides Ops even mention them. Wondering why Spinning Dragons is anymore likely then any other ride for them to fall off? Or is it just Ride Op to Ride Op weather they do or not? Have fun Austin.
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Mamba is the one Coaster there I don't ride every trip and thats because It's a one hit wonder.

Wow. Both Mike and I thought Mamba was the best coaster in the park. Thanks to walk-on conditions we rode it for over an hour and could not get enough. Had we not had to catch our flight we would have ridden more.

FYI we thought Spinning Dragons was second-best, followed by Patriot, Boomerang, and Timberwolf.

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The first thing that came to mind for me was, don't go on weekends. Just make do with what you have and enjoy it the best you can. I don't worry too much about what order to do rides in. Takes away some of the fun.

Moosh and Bass must have caught Mamba on a twighlight zone day of sorts.

Boomerang ahead of Timber Wolf? That's just sad. Come one, WOF. Bring back the wolf!

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^Um, as Jason said above they are working on it. They have been doing mostly structural repair up until now and that is why it is closed during the week. The massive retracking (which some has already been done including the Bobs turn, helix and some of the run back to the station) will go into full force this fall.

As far as plan of attack, go to Mamba as soon as the park opens and work you way back to the front of the park going in a counter clockwise motion. Most people will head right as soon as the park opens to go to Patriot and thus they also hit Spinning Dragons since it is "on the way". If you are an Annual Pass holder you might consider parking in the OOF lot and then coming in through the "WOF Village entrance" so that you can get to Mamba even quicker.

I rode Timberwolf for the first and last time. I prefer to call it the Lumbering Oaf because I thought that the train might not crest a hill and gently valley somewhere along the track. I still couldn't bring myself to rate a Boomerang ahead of it. Boomerangs are coasters I've grown to loath.

My advice. Get there when it opens. Ride Spinning Dragons, then head for the Patriot, then Mamba. Repeat as needed.

Mamba Is a walk on for a reason Moosh. HaHa Glad you liked it thow. I'll ride it again here this month and see if it's any different for me.

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