Evolution at GrAdv

Friday, October 6, 2000 3:53 PM
Could someone post a pic of this ride or explain it to me cuz I have never seen one like it before and I don't really know what it does.
Friday, October 6, 2000 7:27 PM
Hello (s) Its been a while since I posted here.

Anyway, the world's tallest suspended looping merrygoround's structure is 4 large legs like a pyramid. At the top is a rotary joint with a long arm with a counterweight on top and a ring of seats with horsecollars on the bottom, like a Frisbee, except seats face outward. The seats swing like on Chaos and are probably weighted toward your feet. The seats start spinning and you start laying flat with your feet aiming outward, and you feel positive G force. The long arm slowly rotates 180 degrees and when the seats reaches the top, the seat spinning slows down and stops. All of the seats are now facing inward. The ring of seats starts spinning again after a short breather and the arm slowly comes down the same way it came up (not 360 degrees) and everyone then comes back to ground level. I think the arm, and the top height is 120 to 150 feet.

I wasn't on it, just watched it once or twice. I think it is dead because it burned out a major motor or two during a brownout, and recently had seat/horse collar problems and failed state inspection. Hopefully be ready by next season!! -Emil-
Friday, October 6, 2000 8:43 PM
I went to the park seven times last year and
only one time was it fully operating.
Last May they ran it for testing or training.
Then I returned a month later and was able to
try it out.I liked the ride.
It does stop at the top and you get a great view
of the very small people looking up at you.:)
G.A.has an excellant array of flat rides.
I love the Looping Starship,but that has been
closed this season.They removed this ride from
Six Flags America(Md.)over the winter,I believe, because it's picture is on this seasons map.
I was disapointed.:( I wonder if our ride being
closed is linked to the other being dismantled?
Last September(99')there was a serious power failure at G.A..My mom talked to a lady who was standing next to a vending machine when it happened and she said it made a popping sound.I was in line for BTR.I was at the back of a line que when all of a sudden the lights and everything just died.The ops got this look on their faces-but they got into action pretty quick.They pulled the people off of the train on lift hill.A girl needed oxygen it upset her so much.They finally sounded a park wide all clear siren that I still find intriguing.When I got on, an empty GASM train was still on the lift hill.
"Jesus Freak"
Friday, October 6, 2000 9:42 PM
That ride has less than 12 hours on it. It has mass electrical problems. FAB builds them, but this model was subcontracted. I rode the one on Casino Pier in 97 and 98. Awesome. Like earlier, it is Choas about 100 feet in the air. You can ride it now at the Texas St. Fair. They cost over $850,000. So, it is a sizeable investment for anyone, and it is sitting dead along with a few other rides there.
Saturday, October 7, 2000 11:57 AM
Wow, I really feel lucky to have ridden it two years ago. It was a blast, even though I don't normally like puke and spin rides.

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