Everland (S. Korea) seems to be getting a wood coaster of the Intamin kind...

This park has amazing terrain. Has anyone been there to ride their suspended coaster?

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Wow @ the track length compared to El Toro. I wish we were getting another one of those here in the states.
I cant wait to see if it is better or worse then El toro. Now theirs another coaster by Intamin to compare El toro to.

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...and you rode it to compare? Just when exactly are you planning on going to South Korea?


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You could go to Sweden or Germany to compare one of those to El Toro, since that's a shorter flight than to Seoul. :)


I will be there next year around August. I hope that this will open by then. I will write a trip report when I do. I also want to do Eagle Fortress. I have not been to that park since 1978 so it will be interesting.
Here´s the possible layout/model.
Looks more like a balder Balder.

I like it!

Do they know what they're getting themselves into? Sounds like El Toro is hardly the maintenance- and headache-free wood coaster that Six Flags figured they were buying from Intamin.
Colossos has hardly any downtime at all. The only thing that needs to be adressed are the nasty bumps that you feel while riding over the track connectors.

But this happens when the wheel coatings are worn out.

There was no need to retrack or replace parts of the structure after its sixths year of operation.

I don´t know about Balder, but I have never heard that anybody visited the Park and could not ride it.

What are the problems with El Toro? I would assume that the cable-lift could be its achilles heel?!

^ the only problem I have heard with ET is the lift otherwise the coaster has been running great and its still as smooth and fast as it was last year. In the long run they will save money on not retracking every off season.
that layout for the new coaster looks great. almost like a cross between a wooden fujiyama and balder. i was hoping for something that utilized their terrain more. (not like i'll be heading to that side of the world any time soon lol)
i'm also not sure if advertising a photo of 'son of beast' in their 'what is wooden coaster?' photo sample, is a good idea either lol. [see link a few posts above]
Looks like vertical construction has begun, pictures are up on RCDB:

I'm going to be there next week. The new woodie probably won't be running, but the terrain suspended looks really cool.

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In the long run they will save money on not retracking every off season.

Isn't that already Six Flag's standard maintenance proceedure on ALL wood coasters anyway? lol

Right. Since when does Six Flags regularly pour a bunch of money into their wood coasters... or any coaster that's more than five years old, for that matter?
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Well now let's be fair Rob...they do pour money into removing the ride when it's so run-down it can't operate safely anymore ;)

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